Top 5 Players With Most Own Goals in Football (2022 Update)

Most own goals: Every fan hopes his team will have a successful game, but occasionally that is not the case. The ball may occasionally end up in the incorrect goal when anything goes wrong. The action is frequently taken without intent.

The top 5 footballers in terms of the most own goals scored throughout the history of the game are listed below. These are the ones with the worst reputations for sending the ball into the goalpost. So, who has scored the most own goals in football history? Is one of these players your favorite? Check it out!

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Jamie Carragher – 7 Goals


He is one of the most well-known English football analysts, who scored many own goals throughout his playing career. a footballer who spent 17 lengthy years playing for Liverpool. He was able to score 4 goals and 7 OGs for them over those years. Carragher is also the only player to score two own goals in a single game.

Compared to the number of goals he scored, this man played much fewer minutes. Seven OGs in 17 years aren’t too awful though.

One of the most awkward players in front of the goal was the former football player who is now a pundit. He entered the most own-goal player list with seven goals into his net. He spent the bulk of his playing time at Liverpool.

Martin Skrtel – 7 goals


The fourth individual on this list is also a member of the Liverpool team. Strikers used to be afraid to approach Martin Skrtel because he was such a good defender at his peak. Skrtel made serious errors several times throughout his career yet was still given the opportunity to play for them. 

In just one season, he ended up scoring 4 own goals, and it only took him 5 seasons to score 7 of them. Skrtel, despite his flaws, was a talented player and a passionate one.

The Czech center-back has a reputation for letting the ball go right into his own goal. In addition to Trencin, Zenit Saint Petersburg, Liverpool, Fenerbahce, Atalanta, Istanbul Basaksehir, and Spartak Trnava, the athlete also played for those premier teams.

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Ricardo Ferri – 8 Goals


During the 1980s, he was the best player on the field and is a crucial player for Inter Milan. He won the Coppa, Serie A, and UEFA for the Nerazzurri during his time with them. Sadly, he also owns the Serie A record for his own goals scored, making him yet another defender who contributed more goals against than for his team.

With eight goals put into his net, the Italian moves into the top three of the players with the most own goals. He was a member of teams like Internazionale and Sampdoria.

Franco Baresi – 8 Goals

Franco Baresi

The one-club player, who put eight goals into the AC Milan net, is ranked second on this list. He was Italian and was named one of the top 125 active football players ever by Pele.

He is among the greatest footballers in Italian history. Baresi won almost everything while he was a member of AC Milan for 20 long years. He is a talented athlete who is still regarded for his efforts for the Rossoneri. A player in his class only ever had 8 OG in his entire career, while scoring 20 goals for them as well.

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Richard Dunne – 10 goals

Richard Dunne

In the Premier League, the Irishman has scored the most own goals of any player. He is the most notable player on this list because he scored more than ten goals. Richard was a member of the Everton, Manchester City, Aston Villa, and Queens Park Rangers squads, among others. He has scored the most OGs of any footballer in history.

Fans of Manchester City will always remember Richard Dunne. Dunne played in more than 400 games over his career and had 10 OGs. Along with Patrick Vieira and Duncan Ferguson, he holds the record for the most cautions issued in a game (8). He won the season award for Man City from 2005 to 2008, making him a household name among City supporters.

His career has had far more joyful moments than terrible ones, but the best one by far was when he scored ten goals.

Sum up

Defenders are more likely to experience it because it is one of the few things that everyone on the field despises. Every time an own goal is scored, everyone looks down with disappointment at the offending player. History shows that most of their own aims are the result of mistakes, while some are just plain foolish. Nevertheless, getting any of them is a defender’s worst nightmare.

Imagine how Shane Duffy would have been handled if he had committed three OGs in two games while also receiving a red card. If it had been a young defender, it might have signaled the end of his playing days or a significant drop in his chances of being chosen.

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