Top 5 Highest Paid Sports Broadcasters (2023 Update)

Who are the highest paid sports broadcasters? Recently, the financial worth of sports broadcasters has skyrocketed. The cost to acquire well-known broadcasters has increased as a result of the major networks’ bidding wars for the best talent in the market during the past few years.

Today’s top sportscasters make as least as much money as the vast majority of the players they cover if not more. Check out the top five highest paid sports broadcasters according to their reported average yearly income.

Top highest Paid Sports Broadcasters (2023 Update)

Jim Rome: $30 million

Since his early days on ESPN, when he prompted Jim Everett to attempt and attack him, Jim Rome has always been a contentious figure. He has been able to capitalize on this reputation.

Rome makes an impressive $30 million a year from his nationally syndicated radio program, “The Jim Rome Show,” which airs on CBS Sports Radio, according to the ESPN book “Those Guys Have All the Fun,” written by James Andrew Miller in 2012.

highest paid sports broadcasters

Rome committed to a long-term deal to keep running his show in 2017. However, he did not reveal how much money he made. Though this was before Romo’s contract, Business Insider revealed in 2019 that Rome has the highest net worth and earnings of all TV and radio sports analysts. His salary is still reported to be $30 million on several websites. That makes him one of the highest paid sports broadcasters.

CBS hopes to retain Romo’s knowledge for the foreseeable future because of the high regard in which his analysis of NFL games has received.

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Tony Romo: $18 million

Tony Romo deserves credit for the recent increase in the cost of sports broadcasting contracts, particularly in the NFL. When he inked a significant contract deal with CBS Sports Network before the 2020 NFL season, he effectively reset the market value for elite talent in the sector.

Tony Romo

You’ll find that CBS doesn’t hesitate to pay its employees. The 56-year-old also contributes his expertise to CBS Sports and the company website while commentating on the NFL for the network.

After leaving the NFL, Tony Romo quickly rose to fame in the media. He has joined Jim Nantz as the color analyst for CBS’s lead booth. Thanks to his amazing performance, CBS made Romo the highest-paid TV commentator in history in February 2020. With a hefty 10-year, the $180 million contract includes all of his perks.

Michael Strahan: $17 million

There aren’t many former athletes who have succeeded in a post-media career like Michael Strahan. Because of his friendly demeanor, the former New York Giants player was chosen to co-host “Good Morning America,” yet he still finds time to work as a studio analyst for FOX during the NFL season in the fall.

Michael Strahan

Strahan reportedly earns $17 million a year between his two employment and sponsorships, which puts him barely behind the highest paid sports broadcasters on this list.

While Michael Strahan’s remarkable NFL career as a pass rusher for the New York Giants earned him a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, his post-football career has been equally successful. He has been as dominant in the media as he was on the field.

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Stephen A. Smith: $12 million

Stephen A. Smith is typically the first name that people think of when they think about ESPN. Smith and Max Kellerman co-host one of ESPN’s most popular weekday morning programs, First Take, and a new program on the network’s streaming service, Stephen A’s World.

Stephen A. Smith may very well be ESPN’s spokesperson, and he certainly gets paid as such. The divisive, bombastic, and vehemently opinionated TV personality has hosted ESPN’s top debate program, “First Take,” since 2012. He has also served in a number of other capacities within the organization over the years, including as the host of his own show, “Stephen A’s World,” which airs on ESPN+.

highest paid sports broadcasters

Smith has thrived in the social media era thanks to his outspoken style of argument. He frequently goes viral with his exaggerated emotions and strongly held ideas across sports. From Ray Rice to Shohei Ohtani, he has weathered wrath for making inflammatory remarks. Nothing appears to go in the way of Stephen A., who is a one-man freight train of takes.

Jim Nantz: $10.5 million

Jim Nantz was said to have had a $6.5 million contract in the past. But Marchand reports that he recently signed a new deal with CBS beginning in the spring of 2021, which is up to $10.5 million. That’s why he is among the highest paid sports broadcasters.

highest paid sports broadcasters

The 61-year-old received a “significant rise,” although the precise amount has not been made public. As the longstanding announcer of the Masters, an event he allegedly aspires to call until he is 75, Nantz has become synonymous with major events on CBS. Alongside Tony Romo in the studio, he serves as the primary NFL voice and hosts the NCAA Tournament’s Final Four and championship games.

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Sum up

Similar to professional athletes, contract talks and wage disputes are among some of the most well-known faces. And voices in the sports media are frequently covered and discussed in the media.

A list of the highest-paid sports broadcasters and celebrities can be difficult to compile. It is because not every reporter, announcer, or personality has their pay made public. For instance, Maria Taylor, a reporter, recently switched from ESPN to NBC following a tough contract battle.

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