Top 5 Best Fullbacks in the World (2022 Update)

Best fullbacks in the world: The introduction of new rules and playing styles has led to several changes in football today. Together, attacking and defending qualities are now more in need for the game. And as the game adds more complicated tactics and methods, the requirement for variables must rise. The fullbacks of today’s football have adopted this concept and have begun playing outside the bounds of conventional football with forward play, as well as having numerous assists and goals to their credit.

This list recognizes the best fullbacks of all time in the current era who are significant assets to their teams. We are seeing more and more rising stars in full-back positions who significantly contribute to the success of their respective teams.

Joao Cancelo – Manchester City


Many believed it was a big risk taken when Manchester City paid Juventus 60 million pounds to acquire Cancelo, but Cancelo proved them wrong. He had some difficulties in his debut season. But he has excelled for his Man City club the last two seasons. He is one of the best full-backs in the world today.

Joao is the ideal Pep Guardiola-type player, capable of playing as either a winger or a midfielder when necessary because of his pace, dribbling prowess, innovation, and ability to cross. He can play left or right back in addition to carrying out all of his defensive responsibilities.

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Reece James – Chelsea FC


James is one of the best fullbacks in the world who possesses tremendous control, strength, and speed. That made him an excellent defender as well as an attacker. He can strike the ball very cleanly for straightforward goals while attacking with great speed. 

He can play in midfield, center-back, right-back, and even right-wing-back, which shows how versatile he is. James, one of the full-backs with the highest prominence in the Premier League, has a significant impact and deserves to be on our list even if we go past his statistics, which are extremely commendable.

Andrew Robertson – Liverpool


Under Jurgen Klopp, the Scottish Liverpool legend became crucial to the group. He is a tough player who can make strong tackles, excels at quick dashes, and inserts cross when playing link-up. In essence, he doesn’t stop for the entire 90 minutes. 

With the Reds, Robertson has won the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League throughout the past five years. That made him one of the top left-backs in the world. His contributions have been significant enough for Liverpool to consider him one of their most crucial players. And they can always count on goals and assists from the best fullbacks of all time.

Achraf Hakimi – Paris Saint-Germain


The Moroccan international has progressed tremendously since joining PSG last summer and has established himself at some of Europe’s premier clubs. He is capable of playing both wingback and right fullback. When dribbling, he has exceptional quickness, awareness, and fast touches. 

His aggressive approach and accurate tackles are also excellent when he is defending. With his recent performances and defensive and attacking tactical setups, Hakimi is blossoming to become a complete player in himself, fully showcasing his potential and abilities.

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Trent Alexander Arnold – Liverpool


One of the best fullbacks in the world is Trent. He takes up attacking positions similar to a winger or a midfielder. Trent is well recognized for his superb footing, which allows him to make incredible long passes and crosses in addition to having exceptional free-kick-taking skills. 

According to some, he is the best player England has had since David Beckham. He keeps growing thanks to his diverse abilities, including long-range passing, switch hits, link-up passes, and intersecting runs, as well as his exceptional work rate. Trent’s work continues to improve and is of the highest caliber. With his constant assistance to the team, he is a really valuable addition.

Kyle Walker – Manchester City (honorable mention)


Although Walker’s best days may be behind him, there was no one greater than him when he was at his peak. He is a beast of a sprinter. So on his best day, he could likely complete a 100-meter sprint in only 11 seconds.

Walker is renowned for his strong runs, his defensive strategies, as well all skills like crossing and helping too, and now that he is older, his wisdom is priceless. He is also one of the best full backs in FIFA 22.

Final thought

While there are many fullbacks in football that could make this list, these six players represent some of the best fullbacks in the world today. They have all had impressive seasons and played a major role in their team’s success. Whether it is making crucial tackles or providing dangerous crosses into the box, these players have proved themselves to be among the best in the business.

Do you fancy any of them in these outstanding fullbacks? Please let us know your idea if you think any other players are worth belonging to this list. And don’t forget to follow us on Different Sports to get more useful and engaging sports information.

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