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Top 5 Best Dribbler in Football You Should Know (2022 Ranking)

Best dribbler in football: People who witnessed Ronaldinho in his heyday claim that he is the best dribbler in football, whereas others who witnessed Maradona believe the same about him. On the other side, very old and experienced people are aware of Pele’s peak performance.

The best memories are made by dribblers because they perform tricks that are both visually appealing and challenging to execute on the infield. The majority of us are young and didn’t get to watch Pele or Maradona, therefore we developed a list of the greatest dribblers of the 20th century.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Many people might be surprised to see that Cristiano is not ranked in the top 3 in this group. He is our number 5 player despite having a fantastic career full of brilliant performances and having dribbled over 860 times. Ronaldo’s early professional appearances for Manchester United will always be remembered. Ronaldo is deserving of his place on this list due to his incredible skill and brilliance.

best dribbler in football

Although Ronaldo is supreme in one-on-one matches, his dribbling prowess cannot be relied upon to expose other sides. His gestures are frequently pointless and performed for show rather than for the good of his squad. CR7 is not the best dribbler in football, but Ronaldo is still among the finest players and dribblers in the world. And he will undoubtedly hold onto that title for many years to come.

Sergio Aguero

Over the years, the player who gave us the greatest moment in Premier League history also provided us with stunning performances. For Manchester City supporters, it has been a rollercoaster ride, and this man was the inspiration behind their triumphs. Under Aguero, who frequently dribbled past defenders to go all-in and score from incredibly tight angles, Pep Guardiola cast his enchanted spell.

football dribblers

To have performed so many dribbles in his career is a remarkable feat for a striker. Sergio Aguero’s latest heart condition forced him to hang up his boots, which was unfortunate. Only if injuries didn’t exist, this player’s already extraordinary career would have come to a grander conclusion.

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Frank Ribery

Frank Ribery spent an incredibly long time in Munich. One of FC Bayern Munich’s most successful players, Frank Ribery won 24 titles with them. He is one of the best dribbles in soccer right now. Bayern supporters must not overlook Robben on the right and Ribery on the left wing. This team was ideal in every way, and its arrival represented the beginning of one of Bayern Munich’s most prosperous eras.

Frank Ribery

Ribery’s tendency to try to dribble past defenders is beginning to decrease as he gets closer to turning 32. The Frenchman, though, had been Europe’s best player for a number of years prior when it came to his desire to challenge opponents in one-on-one matches.

According to the figures, during Ribery’s physical peak, there was a huge difference between him and other attackers known for their dribbling skills. A staggering 1,084 dribbles were tried by Ribery in 2013 (according to 101 Great Goals), more than three times Messi’s 331 and four times Ronaldo’s 252.

Eden Hazard

At his peak, the prince of Stamford Bridge was unstoppable. He was a master of his craft, and all the defenders could do was stand by and pray. He continues to be adored by Chelsea’s supporters for everything he has done for them even after leaving the club.

When Hazard was at his best, he could cut through the defense like a knife through butter. For many years, he was able to maintain his dominance as the Premier League’s top dribbler far too easily.

best soccer dribblers of all time

Everyone had high expectations for him, but since moving to Real Madrid, injuries have weakened his career performance and stats. He did not contribute much to Real Madrid in recent years, and he has yet to leave the kind of lasting impression on them that everyone anticipated. 

Despite losing time during games, the guy still has more assists than many other midfielders. The Chelsea icon is the second-best dribbler of this decade with almost 1230 career assists. He is also known as one of the best dribblers in football history.

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Lionel Messi – The best dribbler in football

Lionel Andres Messi is the best dribbler in football history. With his consistent performances over the years, this guy symbolizes the word constancy. Leo always gives his all to help his team win, regardless of the stage. 

Defenders have done everything they can to stop him, but he never gives up, as we have witnessed. When they can’t stop Leo, they sometimes try rash fouls on him or just pull him down, which is when things get ugly for Leo.

best dribbler in soccer

At the age of 33 in 2020–21, Messi made 4.7 successful dribbles per 90 minutes. Most athletes want to play it safe, but not the greatest player ever. Leo Messi is the best dribbler in football history with almost 1900 dribbles in his career.

Final thought

Since the invention of football, everyone has continued the tradition. The best dribbler either wins a trophy or many people’s hearts. It is one of the most crucial aspects of football, if not the most vital aspect. If a striker or midfielder can’t dribble, they cannot be among the greatest. Fortunately, every era of football has produced outstanding dribblers.

We hope from the list, you have found the best dribbler in football. Are you a fan of any of the players on the list? Please let us know and follow us on Sporting difference.

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