Top 12 Best Left Backs in The World (2023 Update)

Best left backs in the world: The abundance of left backs in the world who have played football is simply mind-boggling. Nevertheless, a handful of them outshines the rest not only during their glimmering career but also in perpetuity, as long as football breathes. Are you itching to find out who these best left backs in the world are? Fear not, for you have landed in the right abode.

However, before delving into the nitty-gritty, let’s delve into a succinct history of the iconic LB position in football.

A Brief History & Overview Of The Left Back Position In Football

The Left back position has undergone a sea of change over recent years; the term fullback can be traced back to the earliest football formation. The bona fide fullback was conceived in the late 1920s when Herbert Chapman experimented by yanking back a third defender and pushing two fullbacks wide. Nowadays, there are many best fullbacks in the world you may not know.

The early 2000s witnessed a gradual shift in the evolution of this influential position. Present-day Left backs (or wing-backs) now have to fulfill their defensive responsibilities while also posing a significant threat in the attacking phase.

Top 12 best left backs in the world right now

In football, the LB position always plays a crucial role in enhancing the team’s defensive and offensive capabilities. So, which left-back is currently voted the best in 2023? Check out the top 12 best left backs in the world below.

José Gaya


Left-back José Gaya is currently a part of Valencia’s squad. Although in recent years, the club has never been considered one of the opponents that can compare to Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, or Real Madrid in the fight for the La Liga title.

However, it is undeniable that Valencia is one of the clubs that have produced many famous names in European football.

A few years ago, José Gaya was rated as one of the best young left backs in the world. He was quickly sought after by many top clubs in Europe.

He is a defender with a smart and agile playing style, and his impressive crosses and overlapping runs are very impressive.

Lucas Digne

The world’s best left back in 2022 is undoubtedly Lucas Digne. He has been one of the pillars of Everton for several years now.

Despite his small stature, Digne has a unique running style. He possesses impressive speed, and his sharp accelerations and crosses have contributed to his success. It can be said that he is currently the fastest footballer in the world.

Theo Hernandez

After moving from Real Madrid to AC Milan, Theo Hernandez quickly adapted and became the top choice for the left-back position at the red and black club in Milan.

Due to his relatively good physicality in this position, the French defender has a relatively solid playing style. In addition, he possesses impressive speed and technique.

With his talent already established, it’s no surprise that Theo Hernandez deserves to be one of the best left backs in the world of all time.

Leonardo Spinazzola


Leonardo Spinazzola, the LB of AS ROMA, is also one of Italy’s best left backs of all time at Euro 2021 recently.

It seems that Leonardo Spinazzola is not a particularly best defender in the world. However, with a relatively sophisticated playing style, his quality crosses down the left flank are a very sharp weapon in José Mourinho’s hands.

In addition, left back Leonardo Spinazzola also has a relatively good finishing ability. From the fierce competition between the two sides, he can certainly become the best left-back in the world.


Those who regularly follow RP Lepzig’s matches will see how important and outstanding international player Angeliño is in the team’s operation.

Angeliño is a player with a relatively artistic playing style. He is fast, has good quality crosses, good technique, and good finishing ability.

Although he is not particularly physically dominant, for a LB player, this is not too important. Angeliño is certainly deserving of being considered one of the best left backs in the world.

Ferland Mendy


The next name on this list is Real Madrid’s left-back Ferland Mendy. The 26-year-old French player is a key player for the Spanish club.

Although he is not talked about much in the press and media, for Real Madrid fans, it is easy to recognize him as one of the best left backs in La Liga at the moment.

This player has all the necessary qualities for a world-class left back. And he has established a fairly solid position in the Los Bancos team.

Raphaël Guerreiro

Raphaël Guerrero is not a stranger to European football. His greatest strength comes from his crosses. In addition, the Portuguese player also has a fairly stable finishing ability.

Clearly, with this club currently having a striker like Haaland, the support of Raphaël Guerrero on the wing is especially important.

Luke Shaw


Last year, Luke Shaw in the MU shirt could be considered one of the top three best left-backs in the world. However, his form has somewhat reversed in the 2021/2022 season.

We can all hope that he will soon regain his form. At 26 years old, this defender still has plenty of time to prove his worth in the Manchester United shirt. He is also one of the best English left backs in the Premier League.

Renan Lodi

The 2020/2021 season may have been Renan Lodi’s most impressive period, as he made significant contributions to helping Atletico Madrid defeat Barcelona and Real Madrid to become the king of La Liga.

Together with Kieran Trippier on the other side, Renan Lodi created quality runs down the flank, unlocking many counter-attacking opportunities leading to Atletico Madrid goals.

Ben Chilwell


The next name on the list of the best left backs in the world is Ben Chilwell. The English international is an indispensable factor in the tactical scheme of coach Thomas Tuchel.

In the previous season, Ben Chilwell performed well down the left wing for The Blues. He played a role in leading Chelsea to win the Champions League. In this season, he continues to show impressive form.

At 25 years old, the English left-back still has plenty of time to pursue becoming one of the best left-backs in the world.

Andrew Robertson

A name that is no stranger to the world of football, Andrew Robertson – the Scottish LB is considered one of the most important names in the current Liverpool team.

Robertson’s greatest strength, of course, comes from his high-quality crosses. In addition, his ball-handling skills, ability to dribble past opponents, and ability to coordinate with teammates in tight areas are also very impressive. So he is one of the best Liverpool left backs in history.

Overall, Andrew Robertson is a very versatile left back. His ability to support attacks is undeniable. In general, he is still one of the standout names among the greatest left backs of all time.

Alphonso Davies


It is still too early to say that Alphonso Davies is a great player in his position. However, the Bayern left back has shown over the past two seasons that he is currently the best young LB in the world.

He can dominate any opponent in a one-on-one match. He can also provide overlapping runs, crosses, and even spectacular goals. At just 21 years old, he has already shown top form in a Bayern Munich shirt.

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