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Top 10 Tallest Strikers in Football in the World (2022 Update)

Tallest Strikers: We have seen all types of players playing in various parts of the world over the last few decades. We should keep in mind that every character in football has advantages of its own. Aerial duels favor tall players, and because they are typically powerful, it can be challenging to push them off the ball. The disadvantage of being tall is that tall players typically struggle to dribble well and their movement appears slow to other players. Let’s check out the top 10 tallest strikers in football right now.

Erling Haaland: 1.94m or 6’4″ foothow tall is erling haaland in feet

Among the tallest strikers, Haaland appears the best player in the world, who is the most promising young athlete of this generation. Haaland is a tall player who moves quickly for a player his size, making him difficult to stop in attacks.

Haaland has been in the spotlight recently as a result of his decision to join the Premier League. He is the team’s leading scorer and has been scoring goals like it’s his job ever since joining the Premier League.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 1.95m or 6’4″ foot

zlatan ibrahimović height

The player is also the one who thinks of himself as the finest among his peers and is famous for scoring goals. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is 40 years old, is still going strong and making his mark on sports.

The Swedish player is known for his “Scorpian Kick,” which he uses to score goals. In addition to having knowledge of martial arts and holding a black belt himself, Zlatan’s height also aids him in performing his trick.

Fernando Llorente: 1.95m or 6’4″ foot

Fernando Llorente 1.95m or 6’4″ foot

Fernando Llorente, a Spaniard, has won numerous titles while playing for numerous clubs. Llorente was also a member of Spain’s 2010 World Cup-winning team.

The footballer has competed in the top three leagues, the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A, and he has scored in nearly every match.

Gianluca Samacca: 1.95m or 6’4″ foot

Gianluca Samacca 1.95m or 6’4″ foot

The Premier League signed the young Italian forward because of his great potential and promise. In 2022-2023, Gianluca committed to West Ham United.

This player’s ability to effectively utilize his height to score gorgeous goals is one of his best qualities. He had a 16-goal and 1-assist campaign the season before for Sassuolo in Italy.

Bas Dost: 1.96m or 6’5″ foot

Bas Dost 1.96m or 6’5″ foot

Bas Dost, a Dutch player, has been one of the tallest strikers and the best strikers in the last ten years. When he played for Sporting CP, he ruled the Portuguese League. Dost gained fame in Germany as well, where he played for Wolfsburg.

The footballer has 262 career goals and has three times been the leading scorer. The footballer is currently 33 years old, therefore it’s unlikely that the younger generation will be familiar with him. Those that are familiar with this player are aware of his talent.

Wout François Weghorst: 1.97m or 6’5″ foot

Wout François Weghorst 1.97m or 6’5″ foot

Burnley striker Wout is now playing for Besiktas on loan. The player has scored some stunning goals in Turkey, but he has sadly never been crowned a champion. The player was the highest goal scorer in the Dutch league during the 2017-18 season.

Lars Veldwijk: 1.97m or 6’5″ foot

tallest strikers fifa 22

The Korean League has been the stage for South African superstar Lars to shine. When he played for Nottingham Forrest, he also participated in the Dutch League and the English Championship. He spent a significant portion of his career in the Korean league, which is one of the reasons why not many people are familiar with him.

One of his strongest qualities is that, despite his height, he is recognized for providing assists to teammates frequently, which makes him a playmaker on the field.

Lorenzo Lucca: 2.01m or 6’6″ foot

Lorenzo Lucca 2.01m or 6’6″ foot

Lorenzo, an Italian striker, is a promising young player. He has won over many scouts, and if he keeps doing this, he might soon make a significant move.

Lucca currently competes for Ajax, an ideal club for young athletes like him to establish their talent and gain the respect they merit. He is also one of the tallest strikers in FIFA 22.

Lacina Emeghara Traoré: 2.03m or 6’7″ foot

Tallest Strikers

Lacina Traoré is always followed by admirers who enquire about his amazing height. Even if Courtois and other goalkeepers are taller, Traoré is even taller. Despite this, he has not had an easy time.

He tried his luck in the Premier League, La Liga, and Ligue 1 but was not successful. The athlete gained the majority of his reputation while playing with CFR Cluj, where he won 7 championships.

Kyle Hudlin: 2.06m or 6’8″ foot – The tallest strikers

Tallest Strikers

Kyle, a player with AFC Wimbledon, is an English national. He may make Zlatan appear short in front of him due to his height. Kyle, who is still quite young, has a long future ahead of him.

Although his professional career has had a poor beginning, you never know if he’ll end up being the next Peter Crouch. He is also known as one of the tallest Premier League players this season.

Sum up

Goalkeepers and defenders are the only football players who come to mind when discussing tall players because both of these positions benefit from height and strength. However, because football does not make a distinction between players, it does not matter if you are tall, short, chubby, or weak. To play football and enjoy it, one only needs great talent and passion. There is a reason that only football is referred to be the “Beautiful Game” globally.

Hopefully, the names we have called in the list of the tallest strikers in this post satisfy you. Visit us on Sporting difference to get more useful information!

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