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Top 10 Short Footballers From Every Decade (2022 Update)

Short Footballers: With billions of people linked to their favorite players every day, football is the most well-known sport on earth. The coolest thing about this sport is that it is fair to all participants. And it allows players of various physical characteristics to compete together, making it the most adaptable sport ever. The tall players are typically powerful and have skills like long-range shooting. However, short football players are typically exceptional and have a variety of skills. Leo Messi, a football legend who stands at 5’7″, continues to rule the entire field by himself.

Check out the top short footballers from every decade via today’s blog.

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The 00s decade

Pedri (1.74m or 5’7″)

short footballers

After Leo Messi left FC Barcelona, a magnificent period came to an end, and he is the club’s next big thing. The Barcelona team is undergoing a renovation under the guidance of Xavi, a club great who understands that young players are the future.

The current Barcelona team is full of young, talented individuals who are sure to become top footballers in the future. After defeating other outstanding young athletes to win the Kopa Trophy, Pedri has already established a name for himself.

Phil Foden (1.71m or 5’61”)

short football player

Foden is on his path to becoming the next Manchester City club icon. Because he cuts his way into the first team by putting on stunning displays week in and week out. He did make use of his physicality to help the squad out on the field. However, he is also known as one of the shortest players in FIFA 22.

The 90s footballers

Eden Hazard (1.75m or 5’74”)

short football players

At his peak, the king of Stamford Bridge dominated the entire Premier League. Eden Hazard serves as the ideal illustration of how height mixed with talent can make a player an outstanding dribbler or playmaker. He experienced the worst scenario that typically occurs to short footballers: too many errors, which harmed his career.

For dribblers like Eden Hazard, the small footballers are difficult to catch yet simple to foul once they get too near. He has failed to display his Chelsea form for Real Madrid since his transfer. And it appears we will never get the chance to see the old Hazard at Santiago Bernabeu.

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Xherdan Shaqiri (1.69m or 5’54”)

shortest footballer

People who are familiar with the game recognize how talented this small football player was at his peak. Regrettably, he was cut short. He is also one of the smallest players in the Premier League.

However, the memories he left behind are sufficient for his supporters to recognize his status as one of the greatest Swiss players in history. He left Liverpool for Chicago Fire FC because Klopp’s system did not work well for him.

The 80s decade

Leo Messi (1.69m or 5’54”)

footballers shorts

If anyone ever wants to comprehend the gameplay of short footballers, the most perfect athlete in sports history is the ideal example. Leo Messi’s critics often make fun of his little stature. However, they have no idea that Leo has accomplished everything in his career despite their criticism of his appearance.

Messi is one of the best football strikers ever. Because no one else can control the ball as well as he can, which is only one of the many reasons why.

Luka Modric (1.72m or 5’64”)

The Real Madrid midfielder is not the shortest footballer to have been born in the 1980s. However, he is unquestionably among the best. Since Luka Modric has been playing at a high level for a year, it is not surprising that he possesses superior ball control compared to other midfielders. The Croatian uses his small stature to his advantage. Therefore, it is a challenge for defenders to stop him in midfield or on the attack.

He is the sole player to break Messi and Cristiano’s ten-year Ballon D’Or streak and deserves to be on this list.

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The 70s footballers

Cafu (1.78m or 5’8″)

The best right-back of his era is unquestionably Cafu, a former AC Milan and AS Roma icon who led both of these teams to victory in Italy. He won numerous trophies in Italy and Brazil, including the Champions League, League Titles, Club World Cup, and many others. He is also one of the smallest footballers in the world. Cafu will be remembered as a famous player of the game even if the club never won anything thanks to his exceptional international performances, which set him apart from all the other great players. 

Roberto Carlos (1.68m or 5’5″)

Before Marcelo, Roberto Carlos dominated Madrid’s full-back positions for a considerable amount of time. The short footballer had a fantastic career overall. However, it was at Madrid where he won four La Liga titles and three Champions Leagues.

Some people also believe that he was a major factor in the success that Madrid experienced at that time. Carlos is the greatest full-back in Real Madrid’s history and has earned his position among the legends.

The 60s decade

Diego Maradona (1.65m or 5’4″)

The Argentine, born in 1960, set the road to becoming one of the best legendary footballers in history. He was an expert with an unparalleled technique, and no one could match him.

Due to his small stature, he was frequently fouled, but that didn’t stop him. He still maintains the record for the most fouls (53) endured throughout the 1986 World Cup.

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Hagi (1.74m or 5’7″) 

He is the best-attacking midfielder of his generation and one of the most famous Romanian footballers in history. Hagi, a former player for Real Madrid and Barcelona, was his era’s most productive midfielder. Throughout his career, he received numerous more individual honors in addition to seven times being named the Romanian player of the year. Hagi was born in Romania, but he migrated to Turkey. He dominated the Turkish League till the conclusion of his playing days. It was the high point of his career.

Sum up

Numerous other players throughout history have had a significant influence on the beautiful game. This list of short footballers from each decade is not based on which players were born in that decade’s prime; rather, it is a selection at random. The best thing is that we now understand the importance of footballers’ height in the game. And that being short does not necessarily make a player less skilled or better.

If you think of any players to add to this list, please let us know and interact with us more on our website Different Sports. Thank you for reading!

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