Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Brazil (2023 Update)

Most popular sports in Brazil: Brazil is a country known for its love of sports. From football to volleyball, there is a sport for everyone in the Land of the Holy Cross. So what are the most popular sports in Brazil? Find out the 10 most popular sports in Brazil via today’s blog.


Brazil has a large fan base for football, which is one of the most popular sports in Brazil there. At the international level, numerous football games are played. Five times, the Brazilian national football team won the FIFA World Cup. Brazil is the only nation to have won football competitions at the World Cup and the Olympics. In addition, they have placed second in the Copa America competition four times and won the championship three times.


However, compared to many other athletes around the world, football players are paid less. Less than $1 million is the average yearly compensation for Brazil’s most well-known footballers. Neymar Jr. is currently the most well-known football player from Brazil. Additionally, Kaka, Pele, Ronaldinho, and Ronaldo are former great athletes.

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The sport of volleyball was invented in Brazil. The second-most popular sport in Brazil is this one. To promote this sport, a number of clubs and competitions have been founded in Brazil. Throwing the ball over the net and hitting it with the ball from the opposing team is the main objective of volleyball.

It is a well-liked sport in Brazil, where both men and women participate in it. One sport that demands a tremendous amount of fitness, speed, and agility is volleyball. The players must also work together and coordinate their efforts.


Basketball is among the most popular sports in Brazil and a significant source of income for many. Players in the professional ranks frequently make enormous sums of money. Many of them have endorsement deals, and some even run their own basketball organizations.

Two teams of five players each play the game of basketball. In Brazil, it is regarded as the most well-liked sport. In 1891, a basketball match was first played in Springfield, Massachusetts, in the United States. Brazil has contributed to the growth and popularity of basketball, which has become a global sport.


Swimming is one of the other popular Brazilian sports. It is not difficult to comprehend why swimming is popular in a nation with a more than 7,000 km long coastline.

Except during Olympic or Pan American Games, people rarely attend swimming contests, yet Brazil has a large number of swimmers; the majority of them start learning how to swim when they are very young. It may be vital to emphasize that telling someone you can’t swim may come off as odd to certain Brazilians.

Futsal and Beach Soccer

Both Futsal and Beach Soccer also referred to as Futebol de Areia, are variants of the national sport that originated in Brazil. The first one is about indoor football, where there are only five players per team and a smaller court than a traditional pitch. Young pupils particularly enjoy it because it is simpler to locate an indoor court than a football field.

The second is a game of football that is played on a sand field. The popularity of this sport is further explained by the number of beaches.

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Despite the fact that capoeira is regarded as a sport, some claim it is more akin to a dance or simply a form of cultural expression. It originated from dances and rituals that African slaves in Brazil’s colonial era produced.

Capoeira is now practiced by people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds since it is regarded as a healthy activity that enhances reflexes, circulation, and motor coordination. There were 6 million athletes in Brazil by the time the Atlas do Esporte Brasileiro, a study on the country’s sports culture, was published in 2006.


Today, there are well-known Brazilian professional surfers, such as Gabriel Medina, but amateur surfing is more common. It is one of the most well-liked extreme sports in Brazil and there are many beaches there that are perfect for it.

It is difficult to visit a Brazilian beach without seeing a surfer. Standup paddling and bodyboarding are two variations of this activity that are also well-liked. Therefore, it is one of the most popular sports in Brazil.

Table Tennis

Although it is not the most popular sport in Brazil, amateurs play a lot of this sport. With 12 million participants, data from 2006 showed that table tennis was Brazil’s third-most popular sport, behind football and volleyball.

Based on an estimate of the number of tables sold, the Brazilian Table Tennis Confederation (CBTM) asserts that there are currently 24 million practitioners worldwide, including amateurs. However, there are just 24,000 gamers that have signed up with CBTM.


Along with football and volleyball, handball is one of the sports that is taught in schools most frequently in Brazil. However, because there aren’t many organized professional competitions in the nation, its use is relatively restricted.

Players with greater promise typically leave Brazil to play outside of the country, but recent successes, like those at the Olympics, have sparked interest in this strategy.

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Judo is a traditional Japanese martial art. In Brazil, it has become very well-liked. In 1914, the Japanese envoy to Brazil brought judo to the country for the first time. A Brazilian sport, judo is now practiced by people of various ages and socioeconomic groups. In fact, one of the biggest judo training facilities in the world is in Brazil.

The nation with the largest population of judo practitioners is Brazil. With more than 400 judo athletes who have competed for Brazil in international events, the country has emerged as a judo powerhouse.

Sum up

Brazil is a country that loves sports. So what is the most popular sport in Brazil? The top 10 most popular sports in Brazil reflect this passion. Soccer, of course, dominates the list, but there are also some surprises. Check out our website Similarsports to learn more about these fascinating sports and see which ones might be the perfect fit for your next vacation destination.

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