Top 10 Most Popular Olympic Sports To Watch

What are the most popular Olympic sports? The Olympic tournament is held every 4 years by a single nation. There are a large number of sports that will be chosen to compete in the game.  These are the top 10 most popular Olympic sports you will see in the history of the tournament.

Do you know what are the most popular sports in the Olympics?

Các môn nổi tiếng này bao gồm rugby, weight lifting, tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, sailing, swimming, and athletics.

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Rugby was added to the new Summer Olympics only in 2016, the sport is arguably among the 10 most popular Olympic sports in history.

Rugby is one of the most popular olympic sports

Each rugby team had 15 players maximum and there are more than 180 thousand rugby clubs. This sport was played in the 19th century and become the most popular sport in the Olympics. To be able to play these sports, players need to have speed, particular skills, and encouragement.

The circumstances that rugby became the top 10 most popular Olympic sports was a big hit And the Fiji team winning the 2016 Olympics seemed to be one of the historical moments of the Olympics one of the biggest events that take place every 4 years. While this sport has 3,560,000 registered players.

Weight lifting

Olympic weightlifting is one of the names on the list of 10 most popular Olympic sports, this sport was first developed in ancient Greece, Egypt, and China. In the modern Olympic tournament, athletes are required to show their strength and power by raising the weight with the maximum weight of dumbells.

Each weightlifting athlete will try to make a lift. The total number of the two highest successful lifts will determine the results in the weight class. The winner is called the strongest athlete in their fitness category. Before the match begins, both men and women will be classifying their body weight to compete in the game.

The first female players participated in this most popular Olympic sport in 1997, while making sure that this sport is a really heavy task that only very strong athletes can participate in, so in the ranking of 10 Olympic sports, weightlifting deserves the name.

Weight lifting is no.2 in the most popular olympic sports


Tennis has a special place in the list of what is the most popular sport in the Olympics and is currently ranked in eighth place. The sport was first held in 1873 during the Summer Olympics, namely the 1896 Olympic Games held in Athens.

There were only two tournaments in men’s singles and men’s doubles. At the 1900 Olympic Games, female athletes also began to participate in competitions in single tennis content and men and women.



Football is not only the most popular Olympic sport, but it is also the first wealthy sport in the world as it ranks among the highest-paid sports. There are billions of people around the world who enjoy this sport with their passion. Moreover, there are a large number of football legends that occupy many aggressive fans.

In the early years of the Olympics tournament, football was not yet included in the program. Because international football was only in its infancy and women’s football was also included in Olympic sports from 1996.


See the article comparing the players in this sport:


One of the most popular Olympic sports is Basketball, this sport is also the top highest-paid sport in the world. The first debut of basketball was in the 1936 Olympics. In the 1976 Olympics, female basketball competitions were also added to the Olympic competitions scheduled. Teresa Edwards is a basketball player who has had the best achievement at the Olympic Games that is considered a female player, she was a member of 4 teams who won the Gold Medal from 1984 to 2000.

In the Olympics tournament, the USA team achieved incredible success with 15 victories which they have participated in.



Volleyball is considered one of the most popular Olympic sports that have captivated the hearts of so many people around the world that not only do they love to watch, but viewers also enjoy playing the sport in person.

These top 10 most popular Olympic sport has two teams of six players each. Volleyball has been part of the Summer Olympics since 1964. The best part is that, unlike many other games, this sport allows both men and women to compete.



Gymnastics is one of the top 10 most popular Olympic sports. It was held for the first time in the 1896 summer Olympics in Athens. Gymnastics requires players to have plenty of physical power. However, it has been sought by athletes and become the most viewed Olympic sport since 1996.

Performing competitions in this subject need movement that contribute to the development of hands, legs, shoulders, chest, and abdomen. It contains sports such as exercises on the floor and personal exercises for both genders. However, there are some particular exercises that only men could do.



Sailing is one of the most popular Olympic sports in history. It first debuted in the summer Olympics in 1896. Since then, sailing was present in each period of the tournament except for the 1904 Olympics because of the bad weather.



Swimming for the first time appeared in the competition of the Olympics in the 1930s. Both men and women can participate in this sport. Thanks to the presence of some great legends of the pool such as Michael Phelps; Ian Thorpe; or Katie Ledecky, this sport has become extremely popular when they inspire many participants to learn swimming.



Athletics is one of the 10 most popular Olympics sports in history. The origin of athletics is derived from the games of the ancient Greek Olympics, which allowed both men and women to participate.

Athletics is the last on list most popular Olympic sports

Here is the top 10 most popular Olympic sport in history. Hope that with this article, you will have some ideas about the famous sports tournament in the world via the website topic sporting difference.

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