most dangerous women's sports

Top 10 Most Dangerous Women’s Sports In The World

What is the most dangerous women’s sport – Although team sports have a lot of benefits, it is also true that they may be quite risky and lead to a lot of horrific injuries. Tragically, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), also known as head impacts or jolts to the head traumas, are the most frequent injury. Here are some of the games that are the most dangerous women’s sports.

What are the top 10 most dangerous women’s sports?


most dangerous women's sports

Unknown to many, cheerleading accidents account for 65% of all catastrophic injuries suffered by female high school athletes. Only 10% of the 3 million female high school athletes in the country are cheerleaders, making this statistic extremely insecure. So it is one of the most dangerous women’s sports in the world.

The number of cheerleaders visiting the emergency room has increased since the 1980s. Due to stunt performances being riskier without adequate spotting or protection, there has been a considerable increase. Instead of cushioned or matting facilities, cheerleaders are asked to do life-threatening feats on football fields and basketball courts, which offer little to no safety.



It should come as no surprise that over 450,000 girls and women participate in organized basketball each year given that it is the most popular sport for women in the nation. While sprains and strains might still be the most frequent injuries in basketball, head injuries are becoming more widespread in the game.

According to a recent study on basketball injuries, the incidence of TBIs among female basketball players has increased by 70% over the past ten years. According to this statistic, female baseball players sustain over 12,000 injuries each year, which triples the amount of TBIs.

Horseback Riding

Even though riding horses appears to be a risk-free activity, it actually poses serious dangers. Surprisingly, riding a horse is 20 times riskier than riding a motorcycle. In contrast to motorcycle riders, equestrians experience accidents on average once every 350 hours of training.

Falling off a horse is the most frequent and dangerous equestrian riding accident. Traumatic spinal cord and/or head injuries are a possibility in these accidents. Therefore, horseback riding is also one of the most dangerous sports for women.


According to the NCAA, 11% of women’s soccer injuries are caused by concussions. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise caution when executing headers and penalty kicks. However, concussions can also be sustained in player-on-player collisions that take place in the air or on the ground, in addition to when a player heads the ball.

Field Hockey

The existing safety equipment used in field hockey, such as the mouth and eye guards, is ineffective at preventing injuries. 62% of female field hockey players have a daily risk of at least three injuries from sports. Field hockey players are therefore more prone to suffer numerous injuries and/or reinjure themselves.

Additionally, playing field hockey is known to result in lower back pain, ankle, knee, or hip tendonitis, as well as stress fractures in the lower extremities. Not to mention that field hockey sticks or balls striking players directly cause 90% of the face and head injuries.


most dangerous women's sports

Among the top 10 most dangerous girl sports, boxing is a traditional sport that pits two opponents against one another in a ring. It’s the definition of a contact sport, with participants using their fists and a set of boxing gloves. It should come as no surprise that boxing is regarded as one of the world’s most dangerous sports given the frequency of head and face strikes.


Although youngsters frequently participate in rugby as a school sport, it is actually one of the most dangerous women’s sports in the world. The game comprises two teams, each with 15 people, slamming into one another for no less than 80 minutes at a time.


most dangerous women's sports

Skiing is essentially a form of transportation, but it has also long been valued as a pastime and sport. Although the sport’s beginnings can be traced to Scandinavia, they actually go back much further. In fact, some academics believe that ancient China is where it all began. This is currently the most well-liked winter sport, and each year, people travel to colder regions to try it out.

Big wave Surfing

most dangerous women's sports

Daredevil surfers are taking on some of the biggest waves in the globe in this craze. It is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous sports in the world for females and is popular in Australia and California.

Even on four-foot (1.2-meter) waves, surfing is a thrilling activity. It’s an amazing experience due to the weight of the wave and the sensation of falling under the surf. But it is also one of the most dangerous women’s sports.


Mountaineering and climbing are two of the most dangerous sports for girls to partake in. There are risks that come along with dealing with the outdoors and the harsh environment so frequently. Nevertheless, you might be shocked to learn that there are over 150 climbing-related fatalities annually, in addition to thousands of injuries and cases of missing persons.

Sum up

Do you think what is the most dangerous women’s sport? Before participating in any sport, it’s crucial to be aware of all the potential risks. Everyone encounters these dangers, but women are more prone to injury due to the additional movement in various body areas. Basketball, soccer, horseback riding, and cheerleading are some of the riskiest activities for women. Torn ligaments, knee injuries, and muscle soreness are a few of the frequent ailments encountered in these hobbies.

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