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Top 10 Hardest Olympic Sports to play in the world

Hardest Olympic sports – At the Olympic level, everything is really difficult. However, a select few sports stand out as being the most challenging of them. So what is the hardest sport in the Olympics? The toughest sports are those that need the most physical, technical, and mental toughness, according to experts in sports medicine. The following post will share about these sports. Let’s dive in.

Top 10 Hardest Sports In The World You May Not Know

What are the hardest Olympic sports?

In this article, similarsports.net will cover some of the sports that are considered the most difficult in Olympic competitions. These are Gymnastics, Water polo, Swimming, Horseback Riding, Figure skating, Soccer, Rowing, Cross Country, Fencing, and Judo.


Gymnastics is hardest olympic sports

Gymnastics is a sport in which athletes must perform movements requiring balance, flexibility, strength, and control considered the hardest Olympic sport. People frequently underestimate the number of effort gymnasts puts into anything they do because they only see the complete outcome as it has been mastered and believe that is all there is to it. Gymnasts actually have to work extremely hard and endure great suffering in order to perform those incredible performances.

Water polo

Water polo

Based on six criteria—strength, endurance, speed, agility, skill, and physicality—water polo is also regarded as the hardest sport in the Olympics.

Athletes sneak blows at each other in a manner akin to ice hockey and soccer while trying to avoid touching the ground, avoid drowning, and earn points at the same time, in addition to treading water for 30 minutes and swimming up to a mile per game. The sport of water polo is more aggressive than the average spectator realizes and is played with reckless abandon.



Swimming is a team sport or individual practice. One of the most well-liked Olympic sports is competitive swimming, which features freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly competitions. At the time of the race, you are up against the water’s resistance as well as at least seven other competitors, and you have no idea how well they are performing or how much better you need to achieve.

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Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding is one of the hardest olympic sports

One of the hardest Olympic sports known to man is horseback riding, sometimes known as equestrian. Not only is it physically demanding, but it also requires other skills beyond athleticism. Building a relationship with your horse requires dedication, effort, patience, and most importantly, commitment. You won’t have a positive experience if you don’t get along well with your horse. Spend as much time as you can with your horse, both when riding and off the ground.

Figure skating

Figure skating

Figure skating is an ice-based sport in which individuals, couples, or groups compete. It debuted in the Olympics in 1908 as the debut winter sport. The four Olympic sports are men’s and women’s singles skating, pair skating, and ice dancing. Even though it appears simple, not everyone has the strength required to jump and land.



Football or soccer, also referred to as association football, is a team sport that is played between two teams of eleven players each. It is played with a spherical ball. To put the ball in the goal of the other team is the goal. In contrast to sports like basketball, hockey, and lacrosse, which run roughly 2-3 miles and have unlimited substitutions, the typical soccer player runs 7+ miles throughout a game.

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Rowing is one of the hardest olympic sports

You can’t just jump in the boat and start rowing; you need to stabilize yourself, maintain rhythm, and pay attention to where you’re going. Even simply being in the water on a rough day is difficult, let alone having to row in a shell. All the abilities required to row are exceedingly difficult to acquire. While playing the sport on the water is challenging, you also need to understand things like your port and starboard oars and how to properly maintain these expensive boats.

One more thing that makes this sport one of the hardest Olympic sports is the need for smooth coordination between team members.

Cross Country

Cross Country

While strength, stamina, and tactical skill are necessary for all sports to some extent, cross-country skiing encompasses all three. This sport generates the fittest athletes, as determined by vO2 max, and requires so much assistance that it is almost like the athletic equivalent of F1 racing. These athletes train and compete in the most difficult conditions.



To even qualify for a national event, never alone an international one, a fencer needs a lot of skill, time, and practice. Because it requires so many different skills to become a great fencer, fencing is very challenging. Not only do you need to be physically strong, but you also need to have excellent techniques and strategies.

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Judo is the last of the hardest Olympic sports

Judokas preparing for the Olympics practice nonstop, from dawn until dusk. They typically only have two hours between each type of training. Even the judokas admitted that they lack time for their families. In addition, the sport necessitates quick thinking and reaction. One of the most difficult things to pull off is those crowd-pleasing throws when your opponent tries to throw you.

In Conclusion,

The Olympics is the biggest sports event globally, which comprises the most difficult sports with their best players. The article has given you ideas of the hardest Olympic sports. What do you think about them? Please let us know in the comment below. And also follow us on Sporting Difference to see other optimum lists on sports at the moment!

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