Top 10 Funniest Moments in Football of All Time (2022 Update)

Funniest moments in football: We have many wonderful memories related to football, most of which are happy and a few of which are sad. Every day, we see many funny football videos, whether it’s a brutal Ibrahimovic moment or Mourinho’s post-match press conference. Let’s look back on our top 10 funniest moments in football history via today’s blog. Although the list might change depending on who you ask, we did our best to maintain it as accurately as we could.

Top Funniest Moments in Football of All Time

The funniest moments in football that we want to mention are “too drunk to move”, “I prefer not to speak”, and “keeper own goal”, …

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Too Drunk To Move

A referee once became inebriated during a Belarusian game and was unable to leave the center circle. Sergei Shmolik, who some claimed “gestured like a clown,” presided over a match between FC Naftan and FC Vitebsk.

People did not notice this alteration throughout the first half, but once the second half got underway, “he barely moved around the pitch at all. Everyone could see why by the time the game was over, according to a spectator. The referee simply stood nearby the center circle and kept an eye on the action. It wasn’t appropriate for it to occur in such a crucial game. The referee, though, received a suspension and a penalty for his behavior. And it became one of the best football funny moments in the world. 

I Prefer Not To Speak

Excellent advice from the “Chosen One.” Jose Mourinho, the club manager of Chelsea, delivered this humorous comment with a Portuguese accent during a game between Chelsea and Aston Villa in which Chelsea prevailed.


“I prefer not to speak. If I speak, I am in big trouble,” Jose Mourinho stated. It quickly established a model for future memes and will always be charming. He is also one of the funniest football managers in Premier League history.

Keeper Own Goal

Football’s unpleasant side effect is its own goals. Though some are more amazing than others, I don’t believe any are as foolish as this one. The Minami goalkeeper in Japan threw the ball directly into his own goal as opposed to passing it to one of his own players.

Interestingly, although a goal could not be scored directly from a throw, this goal was recognized. And the goaltender had to endure the humiliation of having to pull the ball out of his net in front of thousands of spectators. It is also one of the crazy moments in football.

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Mascot Trolls Liverpool Captain

Imagine entering the tunnel before a game with two legendary captains, John Terry and Steven Gerrard. This little Chelsea supporter, who served as John Terry’s mascot, was obviously a passionate supporter of the team.


The player immediately said Gerrard in front of Steven Gerrard after entering the tunnel, and he then became aware of this small youngster. Although he made a handshake gesture, the child actually played a joke on the player. It is also one of the funniest football pictures you should know.


It’s fantastic to score in any game, but it’s really special to score against your previous squad. Since they are aware of the sentimental importance the fans have for them, the majority of the players don’t respond to anything. Adebayor did the opposite since he is not like most athletes.

Emmanuel Adebayor scored a goal against his old team, Arsenal, and sprinted the entire length of the field to celebrate in front of his old team’s supporters. The crowd was indignant at this gesture from the athlete, thus it was obviously a brave move on his part.

Funniest moments in football – Coach Explain How To Dive

Many players dive inside the box or on any other part of the field in modern football to gain a penalty or an advantage. Louis Van Gaal, a former Manchester United manager, decided to teach his players how to dive.


Mike Dean was dissatisfied with the officiating, so the manager tried to explain the situation to him. He recreated the scene and executed this incredible dive in order to better explain. It is one of the funniest football moments ever.

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David Dunn Gets His Feet In a Tangle

In a Birmingham-Aston Villa rivalry game, David Dunn hopes to impress the audience with a skillful trick. However, things didn’t exactly proceed as expected.

Yes, David Dunn not only missed the ball but also booted his own leg, which led to his collapse in front of thousands of spectators, delivering the ball to Aston Villa. Nevertheless, he afterward laughed a lot about it! And it is also one of football’s funniest moments.

Rene Higuita’s Scorpion Kick

Rene Higuita alone would take this action. Higuita made the decision to mix things up when Jamie Redknapp’s ball entered the area by performing the now-famous “Scorpion Kick” instead of simply catching it like a typical goalkeeper.


To this day, football fans all over the world still attempt to do the Scorpion Kick, and practically everyone is aware of it. This definitely stands out as the weirdest moment in the career of a bizarre goalkeeper. It is also one of the best football moments of all time.

Don’t Slip

Imagine someone who warns others against doing something while yet engaging in it personally. In this instance, though, it was more accidental than deliberate.

So, a few weeks before giving this important speech, where he exhorts the boys to maintain their composure, he SLIPS and costs them the championship. Following ManCity’s victory, Gerrard said this to his team, and it was caught on camera.

The significant aspect of this fixture is that it was first vs second. Although the result didn’t directly cost Liverpool the league championship, it did have a significant impact on their title race.

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Michy Batshuayi Epic Celebration

We are aware of the significance a nation holds for each player. The most significant goal for Belgium during that World Cup group stage match came against a much superior England. Every Belgian athlete and supporter began to rejoice. However, Batshuayi took the initiative to shoot himself in the face with a football to confirm that he was awake.


The athlete appeared to become enthused and kicked the ball into the goal, but it instead struck the goalpost and struck him in the face. A Michi Batshuayi World Cup moment to remember. And it is also one of the funny football moments.

Final Thought

There are literally hundreds or perhaps thousands of the funniest moments in football of all time that could have been on this list. These are only a few of them. Unfortunately, there are just too many of them to mention them all. You may still take in every second as new and funnier competitors for the title of funniest football moment ever appear week after week.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the lighter side of football, and if you have any that I missed out on, feel free to say them to Sporting difference

Thanks for reading!

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