Top 10 Fastest Goalkeepers in the World (2023 Update)

Fastest Goalkeepers: The one unique player quality that almost all football fans adore is speed. There are specific speed requirements based on the player’s position and role. A forward or winger needs to be as fast as they can possibly be. Besides, a goalkeeper or defender can get by with average speed. We all appreciate goalkeepers and defenders, though, who can sprint quickly.

Over the past few decades, the job of a goalkeeper has seen a significant transformation. A goalie is now expected to do more than just prevent goals from being conceded. Whenever they have the opportunity, they must contribute to playmaking. It is crucial for the keeper to have good speed in order to perform the duties of the ideal modern goalkeeper. So, who are the fastest goalkeepers? The FIFA rankings for each quick goalkeeper in 2022 are listed below. You can include these individuals in your FIFA team to outperform your rivals.

Bernd Leno – Fulham

Leno is a goalkeeper who had the ability to rank among the best when playing for Leverkusen in the Bundesliga. However, after transferring to Arsenal, things did not go as planned. But he has managed to maintain his image. 

The German player is quicker than many other goalkeepers competing in the Premier League, with an overall speed rating of 56 in FIFA. The player has now signed a three-year contract with Fulham. Leno is only 30 years old, so he still has a lot of life in him.

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Mattia Perin – Juventus

Perin joined Juventus in 2018, and ever since then, the organization has viewed him as a backup goalkeeper. Previously, Juventus’ top goalkeeper was the legendary Gianluigi Buffon, but Wojciech Szczęsny is now the clear favorite. It does not stop Perin from becoming well-known. 

In comparison to the other two keepers, Perin is faster. Only with stronger goalkeeping abilities would he have become Juventus’ first-choice goalie. The gamer has a rating of about 82 and a total pace of 56. If you don’t have a lot of money but yet want a solid goalkeeper for your FIFA team, buying him would be a great idea.

De Gea – Manchester United

Since Sir Alex’s time at Manchester United, one of the few players to remain has consistently been ranked among the best. De Gea is a talented and extremely skillful goalkeeper. He contributes to both his club and his nation. Although the Spanish goalie has been in the spotlight for a while, he has consistently been able to help his club.


De Gea is one of the fastest goalkeepers in FIFA 22, having a speed rating of 58. This player’s body type also makes it simple for him to move more quickly than other keepers who are a little bit bulkier than him.

Manuel Neuer – FC Bayern Munich

The best goalie in this era is Neuer. There isn’t a goalie more complete than Manuel Neuer. He has accomplished things in his career that other goalkeepers can only dream about. Given that he is the fifth defender on the field, Neuer is often referred to as the “Sweeper Keeper.”

The best part is that no other goalie in the world can do it as well as Neuer. Therefore, you will always see him sprinting in to stop the onslaught. Neuer would have been in the top three on this list a few years ago. But his speed has slowed to 60 in 2022. He is also one of the fastest goalkeepers in FIFA. Neuer will forever be remembered with Bayern Munich in any case.

Fernando Muslera – Galatasary

In several instances throughout his lengthy career, the Turkish giants’ skipper has benefited from his good pace. The player is the same age as Neuer, but he has outperformed him in terms of speed.

He has won numerous championships throughout his career, including Copa America with Uruguay. Muslera is undoubtedly a jewel for his team, it would be accurate to state. He now has a FIFA rating of 82 and a sprint speed of 62.

Anthony Lopes – Olympique Lyon

Anthony is a rather inexperienced and capable goalie. Lopes may potentially be viewed as Rui Patricio’s backup selection for Portugal. The footballer is doing well in Ligue 1 and, as of 2022, has a FIFA speed of 64. He is one of the fastest goalkeepers in the football world. He is a need of your squad if money is tight.

André Onana – Inter Milan

The storied Cameroonian goalkeeper has recently given some incredible performances that have delighted the nation’s and the world’s fans. The player just made the switch to Inter Milan, where he hopes to establish himself on the Scudetto-winning squad. His form has slightly deteriorated recently. But he is still young (26 years old) and has plenty of time to regain it.

Onana is a quick goalie when compared to other Serie A players, with a pace of 62. The finest aspect is that he could readily adapt to Inter Milan’s fast-paced style of play.

Ederson – Manchester City

Currently, Ederson is among the best goalkeepers in the world. He is Pep Guardiola’s favorite and fully completes his formula. The goalkeeper for the Brazil national team has a few unique qualities that set him apart from the other people on this list.


Regardless of his position, Ederson possesses the most crucial traits for any player: aggression and a desire for more. In 2022, the player’s overall speed is 63. He is also one of the fastest football players 2022. Due to the lack of strong opposition in this race, Ederson will remain in the top 3.

Hugo Lloris – Tottenham Hotspurs

For both Spurs and France, Hugo Lloris is a legend. The athlete has been a top goalie for more than ten years. And he is still very good at what he does. Lloris has been Tottenham’s first-choice keeper for more than a decade. And during that time, he has supported his club in a variety of pivotal circumstances.

He didn’t win many championships with Tottenham, which is unfortunate. However, he did win the World Cup and the Nations League with his nation.

The terrible part is that we can observe a minor deterioration in his form, indicating that aging is also overtaking him. The athlete outpaces Ederson on the field with a pace of 62 and acceleration of 65.

Jordi Masip – Real Valladolid: Fastest Goalkeepers

He is one of the most unexpected and swiftest players on this list. Masip spent his entire career in Spain and was formerly a student at the Barcelona school. He didn’t quite live up to FC Barcelona’s expectations. However, he was able to spend a total of 12 years with the team until leaving on a free transfer to Real Valladolid in 2017. 

He has a number of titles under his belt, including the Champions League. He was associated with Barcelona for more than ten years. Jordi Masip, a goalkeeper from Spain, will be the fastest goalkeeper in FIFA in 2022 with a total pace of 65. 

Sum Up

The goalkeepers have the fastest reflexes. And, consequently, the best shot-stopping skills, form the group of the finest goalies in the world. Hope that with this article, you had more information about the top 10 fastest goalkeepers in the football world.

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