What Are the Easiest Olympic Sports to Qualify For?

Easiest Olympic sports: It’s never going to be simple to qualify for the Olympics. Participants in the Olympics are at the height of their sport. However, some competitions are simpler to qualify for than others.

We’d like to briefly highlight a few more of the easiest Olympics sports to play and qualify for in this article. However, keep in mind that even if many of these sports are “simple” to qualify for, easy still implies incredibly difficult in the context of the Olympics. You’ll need to devote your entire life to participating in these events. Check out some easiest Olympic sports to qualify for in this post.



Everyone probably believes that curling is the easiest sport in the Olympics to get into. Because it’s a team sport, not everything rests on you. It’s also enjoyable for both players and spectators. But truly, curling deserves all the attention and its spot in the Olympics as a long-standing sport that dates back to the 16th century.


If you love extreme sports and want to compete at the Olympic Games, bobsledding is one of the easiest winter Olympic sports to qualify for. The bobsled is a 12-foot-long sled that can weigh up to 500 pounds. Teams compete over a narrow ice track, and they must maneuver quickly and precisely to avoid collisions. The bobsled can reach speeds of 80 miles per hour.

Aside from being one of the easiest Olympic sports to qualify for, bobsled is an easy sport to learn. Many bobsledders are world-class athletes. They can even qualify and perform well in top international competitions. Despite their short training time, many people can still do it and compete in the Olympics.

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If you are not in top physical condition, athletic, or even interested in working on these qualities, shooting is the ideal sport for you. It is the easiest summer Olympic sport to qualify for. But for this, you’ll need a keen eye and complete restraint. Keep in mind that this is not one of the more affordable sports, but everyone may give it a shot.

Athletes can start competing later in life, making it easier for older athletes to qualify for the Olympics. Athletes in the sport range in age from sixteen to 55, but most of them fall between the ages of 26 and 40. In addition to physical strength, shooting can improve an athlete’s mental strength.


Many people wouldn’t think twice about playing this sport. But even so, if you fall into this category, swallow your ego and sort out your priorities because it really is one of the easiest Olympic sports to qualify for.

Badminton is an Olympic sport that combines a group stage with a single elimination tournament. Each match consists of a maximum of three games and has a maximum score of 21 points. The game is played with a rally scoring system where the player who wins the most games wins the match. To qualify for the Olympics, a player must win a minimum of two games.

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You will need some practice, patience, and a good eye to be eligible for the Olympic archery competition. However, because it is not one of the most well-liked sports, it would appear to be a wonderful candidate for the Olympic sport that is the simplest to qualify for.

If you have been following archery, you may already be aware of the Olympic qualifications in this sport. There are many different forms of the sport, but the goal is the same: to shoot an arrow as close to the center of the target as possible. The target in archery competitions is approximately 70 meters high. Athletes are ranked based on their overall score, and they compete in head-to-head elimination rounds.


You have been forewarned that, despite our search for some of the easiest Olympic sports to qualify for, we neglected to consider the cost. We apologize for this oversight. For this reason, equestrian is present. It stands to reason that if you can buy a horse, you will also be able to afford respectable classes, which will allow you access to the Olympics.

The main requirement for qualifying is that the horse and rider must be equally skilled. The horses can cost six or seven figures, and riders have to take care of them. Many riders spend as much as 10 hours in the saddle every day to prepare for these competitions.


Many people who are even just a little bit interested in sports will undoubtedly cycle occasionally. You may participate in some of the Olympic cycling events with a little bit of training.

Getting qualified for cycling depends on several factors. One of the most important factors is venue accessibility. In cross-country cycling, the venue must be suitable for the sport. The competition must take place on single tracks in mountain ranges or forests, where the cyclist can demonstrate endurance techniques. Atlanta has the facilities to accommodate single tracks, fire road trails, and paved trails.

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Since rowing is a team sport, qualifying for the Olympics is somewhat simpler. It will take a lot of practice and gym cardio sessions, but if you are committed enough or are already physically predisposed, it is a good option.

The sport is physically demanding, but it is also a team sport that requires teamwork. Qualifying for the Olympics is relatively easy, and many amateur rowers have made it to the Games.

In rowing, athletes row in crews of eight, using oars. The coxswain coaches the rowers and orchestrates the rhythm of the crew. Coxswains do not shout “stroke!” – their role is to implement the coach’s strategy during the race.

Final thought

If you’re looking for the easiest sport to compete in the Olympics, it might be easier than you think. Hope that with this article, you can find the easiest Olympic sports to qualify for based on your current abilities and skills. 

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