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Paul Pogba vs De Bruyne: Who Is the Better Player?

Paul Pogba vs De Bruyne: With exceptional players competing against one another, the Manchester Derby is one of the biggest games in Premier League history. The rivalry between these two teams is ongoing and develops yearly. The superiority of their favorite athlete is one of many issues that split fans. Whether Paul Pogba is superior to Kevin De Bruyne or vice versa is a hotly contested issue.

Both Paul Pogba and De Bruyne are outstanding athletes who are specialists in their positions and masters of their trade. Although they are often close to one another, there is a significant gap because one dominates the other in particular regions. Is Paul Pogba really a superior player to Kevin De Bruyne? Let’s investigate.

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de bruyne vs pogba

Comparison Chart

Paul PogbaDe Bruyne
Full namePaul Labile PogbaKevin De Bruyne
Date of birth15 March 1993 28 June 1991
Place of birthLagny-sur-Marne, FranceDrongen, Belgium
Height1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)1.81 m (5 ft 11 in)
Current teamJuventusManchester City

Pogba vs De Bruyne goal

(De Bruyne/Pogba)Overall Club StatUEFA Champions LeagueNational Team
Minutes per goals328/434404/9766997/6987

Currently, Kevin is perhaps the world’s best midfielder. He has superior vision and passing ability compared to other midfielders. He contributed to Manchester City’s five most recent excellent seasons.

The Juventus midfielder’s performance in his country’s flag appears to be different from that of Manchester United. However, he changed when he joined Juventus. In other words, throughout his time playing in Italy, he was regarded as the best midfielder in the world.

Pogba vs De Bruyne goal

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Paul Pogba vs De Bruyne trophies

Every football analyst is aware of the importance of the Manchester City player to Pep Guardiola’s success at Manchester City. He has held the title of top midfielder with the highest FIFA rating for the last few years. De Bruyne has won a lot more trophies than the Belgium player with Manchester United or Juventus. With his past teams, he won the Premier League three times, five League Cups, one FA Cup, one German Cup, and other championships.

The Juventus midfielder won various trophies while playing for the club, but he didn’t win many at Manchester United. In his professional career, the player won 11 trophies with Juventus and Man United. If he hadn’t left Juventus or the Red Devils had performed like they did when Sir Alex was in charge, the outcome of the story might have been different. The French superstar outshined De Bruyne in terms of international medals.

Kevin De Bruyne vs Paul Pogba skills

Kevin De Bruyne vs Paul Pogba skills

Paul Pogba

The long legs, which resemble tentacles when racing or tackling, earned him the titles Il Polpo Paul (“Paul the Octopus”) during his time in Italy. He also earned the nickname “Pogboom” due to his energetic and explosive playing style.

The Juventus midfielder is a big, swift, energetic, physically strong player who thrives in the air. He is also renowned for his stamina and his long-range striking ability, which is both powerful and accurate.

Along with his holding-the-ball-up ability, he has received recognition for his finesse, technique, flare, and dribbling abilities. In his early years, he was first linked to former France international Patrick Vieira due to his traits and playing position in midfield. Additionally, he is renowned for his capacity to make forward bursts from deeper regions of the field.

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De Bruyne

While he lacks major physical strength, speed, or air ability, he is a quick and graceful player on the ball with good dribbling skills. He can exploit holes in the defense of the opponent by using his positional knowledge, tactical intelligence, movement, direct style of play, and ability to rush at defenses while in possession. As a result, he may open up scoring chances for himself or his teammates, making him a dynamic offensive threat on counterattacks.

He is a skilled set-piece taker in addition to his creative skills, and he can score goals by making clever runs into the penalty area with the ball in his back. In 2017 and 2019, The Guardian named the Manchester City midfielder as the fourth-best football player in the world. He was referred to as the best midfielder in the world by his Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola in 2020.

Final thought

Given that these two players are on separate teams and have distinct responsibilities to play, it is challenging to compare them. One plays both midfield and attack, while the other plays both midfield and defense.

The ability to defend and recover the balls that result in goals on the counterattack makes the Juventus midfielder a game-changer. His powerful foot allows him to take potent shots from outside the box while still being able to play in all the midfield positions.

According to the data mentioned above, Kevin has a slight advantage over Pogba because he has won in more categories. They are the key members of their team and are quite similar to one another. It’s a draw in my opinion because both of them are excellent players.

The winner is Kevin De Bruyne. Given that Pogba is 2 years younger, this may change in the following years.

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