Neymar vs Mbappe – Who Is Better?

Neymar vs Mbappe: Football enthusiasts across the globe relish the idea of comparing players, and the question, “Neymar vs Mbappe – Who Is Better?” has been one of the hottest debates in recent years. When it comes to footballing giants Kylian Mbappe and Neymar, Paris Saint-Germain’s dynamic duo, the comparison is like choosing between two precious gems. Follow the article below for a more objective view.

Comparison chart between two football player

First of all, Neymar vs Mbappe is always a comparison of equal talent in football. Especially a fateful journey together in the current PSG club, but delving into each player’s characteristics can see that they have an advantage admired in some aspects on the pitch.

To help you understand more about each individual’s style, let’s learn in the comparison chart below!

Full nameKylian Mbappé LottinNeymar da Silva Santos Júnior
NicknameThe Turtle or DonatelloNey, Pele, Menino, O Joia, Batman
Date of birth20 December 1998 (age 25)5 February 1992 (age 31)
Place of birthParis, FranceMogi das Cruzes, Brazil
Height in centimeters178175
Senior careerMonaco II. Monaco, Paris Saint-GermainSantos, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain
Club appearances297563
Club goals212353
Current teamParis Saint-Germain (PSG)Paris-Saint Germain (PSG)
Playing positionForwardForward
Trophies in PSGLigue 1, Coupe de France, Coupe de la Ligue, Trophe des Champions, UEFA Champions League runner-upLigue 1, French Football Cup, French Football League Cup, French Super Cup
National teamFranceBrazil
International appearances57119
International goals2774
Net Worth$150 Million$200 Million

Mbappe vs Neymar goals, trophies


When discussing the Mbappe vs Neymar goals comparison, one must consider the different roles the two superstars play in the Paris Saint-Germain side. Mbappe often plays closer to the goal, and his blistering pace allows him to get in behind defenses regularly. This contributes to his high goal tally and makes him a constant threat in the first half and beyond.

Conversely, Neymar often drops deeper to link up play and create chances, reflected in his lower goal tally but higher assist numbers. His first goal in many matches often shifts the momentum in PSG’s favor.

Together review the successes and trophies of these two stars at the clubs and in their international careers.

The international goals, trophies comparison

international goals, trophies comparison

For international goals, Neymar emerged in the shirt of the Brazilian team during the period (2009 to date) with top-notch passing ability and superior ball-handling skills. The Brazilian striker developed a sublime form to be ready to move a lot on the field at that moment.

He has achieved valuable achievements in 119 appearances with the Brazilian team, such as: winning the FIFA Confederations Cup (2013), the South American championship, and the gold medal in football at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

In terms of playing in the national team, Mbappe compared to Neymar is also recognized a lot. Although the number of appearances as well as goals is less than his senior, the young French still shows his full ability compared to players of his age.

Honestly, with the number of 27/57 matches, ‘The Turtle’ did not disappoint the fans when he threatened the goal of the matches he participated in from the opening days. At the national team level, the star was born in 1998 and enrolled in the European Under-19 Football Championship (2016) and the FIFA World Cup (2018).

The club goals, trophies comparison


After all, both stars Neymar vs Mbappe deserve to be in the position of the best striker ever. The French striker has a younger age, but he still leaves a lot of impression in the matches of the club that he joined.

Growing up from the Clairefontaine training academy to the early days of enrolling in Monaco’s youth team, the young star has become more and more prominent. In a PSG shirt, he became the first player to set a record with four goals in a single Champions League match (2019 – 2020). As of now, Mbappe deserves trophies, such as the Coupe de la Ligue (2016 – 2017) Runner-up, the UEFA Champions League (2019 – 2020), and more.

In addition to the achievements of the striker from the magnificent capital of France, Neymar is also not far behind. He is the frontrunner in the honor of the best striker in the world. It is known that Ney became a top superstar in Europe at the time.

The breakthroughs of the Brazilian striker left many stories of a legend with 353 goals/563 matches. Specifically, Campeonato Paulista (Santos), X2 Laliga and X2 Champion League (Barcelona), Trophée des Champions (PSG), and more trophies.

Neymar vs Mbappe salary, records


A popular topic of discussion in the Neymar vs Mbappe comparison is their respective salaries. The Neymar vs Mbappe salary debate sheds light on the financial aspect of football. Neymar, having been one of the most expensive transfers in football history, reportedly earns a higher salary than his younger teammate.

To further clarify the matter, Neymar earns a much higher annual gross base salary than Mbappé pulls through two figures of €36,679,000 and €18,643,000 respectively.

Neymar and Kylian Mbappe are similar in dedication, but the player’s income level from France causes heated discussions because he believes that he deserves more than that. In general, Ney’s journey is longer than that of his junior, so if you think about it carefully, there is a reason for this difference.

However, Mbappe’s recent exploits with the French giants have led to an increase in his market value. And any potential new contract could see his salary surge significantly, possibly putting the Neymar vs Mbappe salary debate on an even keel.

Although there is a difference in the income level, compared to the records of the two stars, they are also relatively the same. Mbappe is known to record after recording in world matches. Typically the record extends across all of Europe with 100 goal marks in Ligue 1 when he was 22 years old.

Mbappe vs Neymar skills


In the position of a striker in the squad, instead of comparing Mbappe vs Neymar, fans are more interested when the two stars connect to create a miracle at PSG.

Neymar has always been an admirable figure with an artistry style like the legendary Pele in the 21st century. On the other hand, Mbappe is somewhat calmer than Ney, but he also makes opponents wary with his excellent skills.

Football fans often ask, “Who’s faster?” The Neymar vs Mbappe speed comparison is a thrilling one, as both players are renowned for their pace. However, given Mbappe’s youth and his famous speed showcased during the World Cup, he is generally considered faster.

The fascinating part of the Neymar vs Mbappe rivalry is how complementary their styles are. Mbappe’s speed, directness, and lethal finishing, coupled with Neymar’s flair, creativity, and dribbling ability, make them a formidable duo for Paris Saint-Germain.

Final thought

In conclusion, the Neymar Jr vs Kylian Mbappe comparison is a testament to the rich talent that graces the beautiful game today. Both are exceptional players in their own right and choosing between them boils down to individual preferences and the specific context.

Football is a sport enriched by diversity and the different skills and styles players bring to the table. Neymar and Mbappe are perfect examples of this. They are not only competitors but also teammates who, together, bring the magic of football to life.

As fans, rather than debating Neymar vs Mbappe, we can relish the opportunity to watch these two soccer superstars share the pitch. And for a more in-depth exploration of sports comparison, be sure to check out SimilarSport for more exciting matchups. To find out more similarities or differences between players, follow us on the website topic sporting difference.

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