Neymar vs Hazard best season stats, goals & assists all time

Neymar vs Hazard: Every football fan knows that Neymar is a fantastic baller who consistently executes great skills. Over Neymar at Barcelona, Hazard was the biggest baller in the Premier League. He is cute, quick, stylish, and entertaining to watch. However, due to persistent injury issues, that didn’t endure for very long in recent years.

Two outstanding wingers who once dominated their position are now extremely effective and nearly equal on the field. Knowing who is a superior player is the fundamental conflict between both fan bases.

Is a Prime Hazard better than Neymar Jr? Check out Hazard vs Neymar stats all time to find your answer via today’s blog.

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Neymar vs Hazard Comparison Chart

How many goals does Neymar have in his career? See the chart below to find Neymar’s goals and assists all time.

Eden HazardNeymar Jr
Date Of BirthJan 7, 1991Feb 5, 1992
Place Of BirthLa Louvière, BelgiumMogi das Cruzes, State of São Paulo, Brazil
Height1.75 m1.75 m
Current TeamReal MadridParis Saint-Germain
Main PositionLeft WingerForward
Best Market Value€150M€180M

Hazard vs Neymar Stats

Any winger’s primary responsibility is to make fantastic passes to the striker or to score goals themselves and benefit the squad. For many years, these two footballers have been contributing to their club in that way. People must remember Hazard, a left winger for Chelsea with magic in his boots, and Neymar, who had the opportunity to play alongside Messi and Suarez, two prolific goal-scorers.

Neymar came the closest to winning the Ballon D’Or in the 2015-16 campaign and finished in the top 3 along with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Prime Hazard, on the other hand, didn’t play all that well for Chelsea, but he did help the team win the Premier League.


League Statistics of 2015/16 (Hazard and Neymar’s best season)

2015/16Eden HazardNeymar Jr
Pass %84%81%

According to these numbers, Neymar outperforms Hazard in terms of team contributions. Although Hazard had it harder in the Premier League than Neymar did in La Liga against Messi and Luis Suarez.

Any other winger cannot compete with Neymar’s effectiveness, and Eden Hazard is no exception. He has higher individual numbers and is ahead in terms of goals and assists.

The winner in this category is Neymar Jr.

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Neymar vs Hazard Titles

The most stunning transfer of this decade was Neymar’s move to PSG, which signaled the dissolution of the storied MSN trio. PSG has little to no opposition and is the strongest team in Ligue 1. Neymar was able to win numerous trophies quickly because of it.

He won 23 championships throughout his career, including the UEFA Champions League, two La Ligas, three Ligue 1s, three Copa Del Reys, and numerous more honors. Neymar’s trophy collection is larger than that of many modern wingers.


Besides, Hazard’s situation changed after he joined Real Madrid. Despite this, the footballer twice captured the renowned Premier League while playing for Chelsea. He won ten championships, including two in the Premier League, one each in La Liga, the FA Cup, and Ligue 1.

With more than twice as many titles as Prime Hazard, Neymar is clearly superior in this division as well.

Neymar vs Hazard International Career

When it comes to representing his nation, the Belgian National Hazard is a complete baller. However, Prime Eden Hazard failed to help his country win anything despite having a strong team and giving excellent performances.

According to history, Brazil has produced some of the most talented and inventive athletes, including Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka, and Romario. When Neymar hangs his boots, it won’t be incorrect to state that his name will be added to this lift. In 2016, he won the Olympic gold medal and the Confederations Cup. The Brazilian national team has the ability to win far bigger championships, and they intend to do so in the future.

Neymar is the winner based on the data, in our opinion.

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Neymar Jr vs Eden Hazard Individual Stats

It is difficult for any player to win trophies bearing their name since they must stand out from the competition in order to do so. Hazard and Neymar have made significant contributions to football, and they have been properly compensated for this. So how many trophies does Neymar have?

Neymar Jr awards:

  • Chuteira de Ouro: 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Best Player: 2011
  • World Soccer Young Player of the Year: 2011
  • FIFA Club World Cup Bronze Ball: 2011
  • South American Footballer of the Year: 2011, 2012
  • FIFA Puskás Award: 2011
  • Bola de Ouro Hors Concours: 2012
  • FIFA Confederations Cup Dream Team: 2013
  • FIFA World Cup Dream Team: 2014
  • Samba Gold: 2014, 2015, 2017, 2020
  • UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season: 2014-15, 2019-20, 2020-21
  • La Liga Best World Player: 2014-15
  • FIFA FIFPro World11: 2015, 2017
  • IFFHS CONMEBOL Team of the Decade: 2011-2020
  • Copa América Team of the Tournament: 2021.


Eden Hazard trophies:

  • Belgian Sportsman of the Year: 2018
  • UEFA Europa League Player of the Season: 2018-19
  • FWA Footballer of the Year: 2014-15
  • Premier League Player of the Season: 2014–15
  • Belgium Player of the Year: 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Chelsea Player of the Season: 2013-14, 2014-15, 2016-17, 2018-19
  • FIFA World Cup Silver Ball: 2018
  • Bravo Award: 2011
  • PFA Young Player of the Year: 2013-14
  • Premier League Playmaker of the Season: 2018-19
  • UEFA Europa League Final Man of the Match: 2019
  • FIFA FIFPro World11: 2018, 2019
  • UEFA Europa League Squad of the Season: 2018-19
  • FIFA World Cup Fantasy Team: 2018
  • IFFHS Men’s World Team: 2018

Neymar trails Hazard in individual awards despite having more goals, assists, and titles. The FIFA Puskas award is the only prize Hazard did not take home.

With regard to individual accomplishments, Eden Hazard far outshines Neymar.

Big Games

Participating in large games is a requirement for being a top football player. Brazilian Neymar Jr. is frequently accused of missing important games. He is frequently blamed for being lost on the field, whether it is for a key World Cup game or a Champions League encounter.


Neymar cannot compare to the Belgian, who always gives 110% in the biggest games. He makes himself known and consistently presents the opposition defense with danger. A player’s ability is what elevates them to the status of a legend. Because of this, he continues to be adored in London.

If you can’t perform in a championship game, it doesn’t matter if you have more goals or assists.

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Conclusion: Is Prime Hazard better than Neymar Jr?

After Messi and Cristiano, the PSG forward Neymar is frequently ranked as this generation’s third greatest player. Given his impressive career accomplishments, there is a lot of truth in these statements. And unlike Bale, he kept going. Neymar is always striving to be the best, but he could only have achieved that status by excelling in a few key elements of his game.

Every Premier League supporter is aware of how important Hazard is. He is a continuous threat to his adversaries, who feared him when he played for Chelsea, much as his moniker implies.

Overall, we get the conclusion that Neymar is a more complete player than Eden Hazard and has more accomplishments and trophies to his credit based on all the aforementioned statistics and data.

What about you? Do you agree with that? Let’s comment below. Besides, don’t forget to follow Sporting difference to update the latest information about your favorite footballers.

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