Mourinho vs Guardiola

Mourinho vs Guardiola – Who is more successful?

Mourinho vs Guardiola: There are many comparisons between Guardiola and Jose Mourinho, two excellent football coaches. They both have a lot of success and with good reason. It is necessary to compare Pep Guardiola vs Jose Mourinho based on their winning percentages, head-to-head records, and other Mourinho vs Guardiola stats. Similarsports will examine how the two managers compare in this post in a few crucial aspects.

Comparison Chart

Guardiola Mourinho
Date of birth18 January 197126 January 1963
FullnameJosep Guardiola SalaJosé Mário dos Santos Mourinho Félix
CareerSpanish professional football manager and former playerPortuguese professional football manager and former player
Current manager ofPremier League club Manchester CityItalian Serie A club Roma
Style of playThe Spanish manager plays a wide-ranging style of football. His “tiki-taka” strategy with Barcelona started a revolution that inspired other teams to play an upbeat form of soccer.

He frequently plays in a 4-3-3 system, although for a defensive look, he might adapt to a 4-2-3-1 formation. The fullbacks and midfielders both significantly contribute to their offensive approach. His team closes the ball down with hard pressing while defending with a high defensive line.

The Portuguese coach, who received harsh criticism from experts for his brand of play, frequently adopted a defense-first strategy.

He frequently uses the 4-2-3-1 formation. A deep-lying back four has defensive cover from the two pivots. Most of the time, only the front four players are free to assault while the other players maintain their ground. Midfielders and full-backs occasionally move forward to support attacks.


Mourinho vs Guardiola: Short Biography

José Mourinho

On January 26, 1963, José Mourinho was born in Setubal, Portugal. Known for his mastery of strategy, he has led FC Porto, Inter Milan, Chelsea (during two stints), Real Madrid, and Manchester United to 25 senior championships.

José originally intended to pursue a career as a professional football player, but he changed his mind and is now concentrating on coaching the game. He attended the Technical University of Lisbon to study sports science.

He began working as an interpreter for Sir Bobby Robson at Sporting Lisbon, FC Porto, and Barcelona in the early 1990s. José continued at the Catalan club under Robson’s replacement, Louis van Gaal, as his coaching responsibilities increased throughout their time together.

Mourinho vs Guardiola: Short Biography

In the end, the Portuguese coach held the position of head coach at Benfica and Unio de Leiria. However, he first attracted widespread recognition when playing for FC Porto, where in 2004 he won the UEFA Champions League by defeating Monaco 3-0. The next year, José moved to Chelsea, where he helped the team win their first league championship in 50 years while scoring a then-record 95 points.

Pep Guardiol

Football manager Josep “Pep” Guardiola is regarded as one of the best tacticians in the sport’s history. He was up in Catalonia and has supported FC Barcelona his entire life. During his time in the team’s youth system, he served as a ball boy for the senior squad. During his 11 years of service at Barça, he helped the team earn its first European Cup and four consecutive La Liga titles. 

This coach oversaw a Barcelona squad from 2008 to 2012 that would go down in football history as one of the best ever, with Messi as its star. He achieved a club record of 14 honors in four years. He was manager of the German powerhouse Bayern Munich until taking over as manager of Manchester City in 2016.

Guardiola vs Mourinho trophies

Mourinho only has 25 major trophy victories to Pep’s 32. In this scenario, we only took into account championships earned while serving as the head manager, not as an assistant or coach. If all awards received while serving as assistants and coaching staff were taken into account, both managers Mourinho and Guardiola would have 32 awards each. He won some trophies during his time in the 90s as an assistant at Barcelona and Porto. In a nutshell, the ratio of trophies won by Guardiola vs Mourinho is 32:25.

Both managers have earned a sizable collection of trophies during their illustrious management careers. In every nation he has managed, Mourinho has won the league championship. With Inter Milan, he won two Serie A championships. With FC Porto, he won the Primeira Liga twice. He also achieved one La Liga and three English Premier League championships. He won the Europa League with Manchester United and the UEFA Cup with the powerful Portuguese club. Notably, he has taken home Champions League championships while playing for FC Porto and Inter Milan, two favored teams.

Guardiola vs Mourinho trophies

When Guardiola took charge of Barcelona’s first team in 2008–09, he got off to a dream start by winning the triple. He finished his four years in Barcelona with 14 trophies. In total, he won two league championships in England, three in Germany, and three in Spain. In addition, he has shared the Champions League with Mourinho twice. However, only with the all-conquering Barcelona team did he win both of his European championships.

Mourinho vs Guardiola head to head

Guardiola and Mourinho have competed against one another 25 times, but the Spanish manager has a better head-to-head record. Mourinho only had seven victories against Guardiola’s twelve.

To put things in perspective, Guardiola defeated the Portuguese coach in 48% of his games. However, just 28% of the vote went to the Portuguese. Once more, Guardiola’s team scored 45 goals, 33% more than Mourinho’s teams (33).

In Conclusion,

Trying to separate the two legends is challenging. Mourinho has played the game for far too long, but the Spanish coach, who has less experience, has so far proven to be incredibly impressive. Without a doubt, the Spaniards will outplay the Portuguese in terms of playing style. Mourinho, though, has achieved success in a number of nations, taking home both national and European honors.

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