Messi and Mbappe made the coach of Bayern Munich anxious

Before the big match between Bayern and PSG on German soil, the Head Coach of the Bavarian team, Nagelsmann, made some “secretive” comments about the opponent’s attacking stars.

Specifically, according to PSGtalk, the current coach of Bayern Munich, Nagelsmann, stated to the media: “They are the best duo in the world at this time. Mbappe often drops back and participates in defense, then when PSG has a counter-attack opportunity, Messi sees number 7 moving and immediately releases an extremely accurate pass. It is not easy to stop them at the moment. What is special is that both Messi and Mbappe move very quickly and skillfully, so it will be difficult for Bayern to play against such a harmonious duo.”


Nagelsmann said this when asked by reporters about the opponent for the next challenge on home turf. The reason why the coach of Bayern appears hesitant about the PSG duo is that he has witnessed their recent excellent form.

Both Messi and Mbappe have been consistently scoring in Ligue 1, and the coach of Bayern thinks this is a perfect run-up to gain momentum before stepping onto the Champions League field. In addition, the fact that PSG has a player voted FIFA The Best like Messi makes Nagelsmann feel that everything is not simple.

There is no doubt that Kylian Mbappe is proving to be the most promising player who could dominate the Ballon d’Or awards in the post-Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo era.

Having won the World Cup with France as a teenager, the “Ninja Turtle” is now PSG’s all-time top scorer at the age of 24 with 201 goals, surpassing Edinson Cavani’s record.

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Bayern Munich had a hard time dealing with Mbappe when he came on as a substitute for Carlos Soler in the match at the Parc des Princes on February 15. And they will have to be very careful with the French striker at the upcoming Allianz Arena match.

Moreover, in their last 2 matches, Mbappe and Messi have combined to create 7 goals and 3 assists. If this formidable duo continues to be effective, Bayern Munich will face a big problem.


Before the match against PSG, Bayern’s form this season has not been particularly impressive compared to previous seasons. In fact, in Bundesliga matches, the German side has often struggled to get positive results against lower-rated opponents.

As a result, Bayern’s chances of winning are not as high as in previous seasons, especially against a team like PSG they have a score to settle with.

Messi and Mbappe will undoubtedly make the Allianz Arena explode with their combinations, speed, and counterattacks. Bayern’s current squad includes players with impressive abilities, but stopping a genius like Messi will not be an easy task, and Bayern’s defense will have to work extremely hard.

The result of the first leg is not enough to guarantee safety, as the margin is only minimal. Follow SimilarSport to update more information about upcoming Champions League matches as well as comparisons between football players.

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