Mason Mount and Phil Foden

Mason Mount and Phil Foden: Compare Two Players Stats 2022

Mason Mount and Phil Foden: Even if two players play for opposing teams, it makes no difference if they are close friends off the field. Despite being rivals on the field for the club, Phil Foden and Mason Mount stand together for the United Kingdom. The two promising and extraordinarily gifted midfielders are frequently featured in the media for the miracles they perform on the field.

The supporters of these two teams frequently consider their player to be the superior one, yet this assessment is skewed because they support their own team. Let’s compare them using these Phil Foden and Mason Mount stats to see who is better than the other.

Comparison Chart

Mason MountPhil Foden
Date Of BirthJan 10, 1999May 28, 2000
Place Of BirthPortsmouthStockport
Height1.8 m1.71m
Weight74 kg70 kg
Current TeamChelseaManchester City
Main PositionMidfielderMidfielder
Best Market Value€75M€110M

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Personal Stats

The two young England players both joined their team when they were still quite young. They now have a thorough understanding of the Premier League’s dynamics and make significant contributions to their club. You can see the Mason Mount and Phil Foden Premier League stats below.

2020/21Mason MountPhil Foden
Pass %87%88%
Successful Tackles %64%61%

Although Foden is roughly two years younger than Mount, Phil Foden’s Premier League stats are far more outstanding. Because of his playing style, it would be difficult to assist or score for him. In contrast to Mount, who plays more like Xabi Alonso, Pep Guardiola’s star boy is noted for his offensive skills.


The youthful Man City star has comparable statistics despite playing in fewer games. Additionally, it should be mentioned that Mount excels in areas of the field unrelated to goal-scoring or assist-providing. For instance, despite making fewer G/A contributions that season, he has a higher average rating.

It wouldn’t be fair to declare a winner in this category at this early stage. However, based on the Phil Foden vs Mason Mount goals and assists this season provided above, Foden is marginally superior to Mount.

Mason Mount and Phil Foden Titles

This Manchester City team has fared better under Pep Guardiola’s leadership than many other Premier League teams. Foden is fortunate to have his name on the trophy and to have been related to them since a young age. Foden is fortunate to have won the Premier League three times before turning 21. He has 10 championships to his name with Manchester City.

Under previous coaches, Chelsea had trouble winning, but things have improved under Tuchel. He guided them to the Champions League trophy, defeating Foden’s Man City in the championship match. The only other trophy Mount has won is the UEFA Super Cup.


According to some, Foden didn’t make much of an impact at the beginning of his career. Even if he made no contributions, the fact that he was on the winning team was enough to earn him the title.

When it comes to championships, Mount and Foden cannot be compared. It’s all because of Pep Guardiola.

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International Career

The project under Southgate for the 2018 World Cup and trophies includes the two English wunderkinder. Foden and Mount are both too young to have impressive international records or triumphs. But Mount has more National team experience than Foden does.

More than Foden’s two goals, the Chelsea kid scored four. While Mount won the U-19 Euro and Foden the Under-17 World Cup. Due to their youth and the number of miracles they still have to work, it is impossible to choose a winner in this area.

Mount is the winner in this category based on the Foden vs Mount stats above.

Mount vs Foden Individual Trophies

Checking which midfielder has more individual awards to his credit is the greatest way to determine who is a superior midfielder. Every outstanding athlete receives compensation for their efforts.

Mason Mount Trophies

  • Chelsea Academy Player of the Year: 2016-17
  • UEFA European Under-19 Championship Golden Player: 2017
  • Eredivisie Team of the Year: 2017-18
  • Chelsea Player of the Year: 2020-21
  • UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season: 2020-21
  • Premier League Academy Graduate of the Year: 2020-21


Phil Foden Trophies

  • FIFA U-17 World Cup Golden Ball: 2017
  • BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year: 2017
  • Alan Hardaker Trophy: 2020
  • UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season: 2020-21
  • Premier League Young Player of the Season: 2020-21
  • PFA Young Player of the Year: 2020-21

These two have frequently been their team’s best players, which has helped them win all of these championships. However, Foden is indisputable because he has been named the PFA and Premier League Young Player of the Year.

Foden won this division once more.

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Conclusion: Is Mason Mount better than Phil Foden?

Understanding the game will help you find the answer to this query. The Man City star is more likely to attack because of his dribbling talents, which he employs on the flanks to increase the effectiveness of his attacks. Even some Pep supporters refer to him as the second Messi. Because, like Messi, Foden’s style is something that comes naturally to him.

Mason Mount, on the other hand, is a prolific playmaker with a far higher output than Foden. He has the potential to realize this goal, and the Chelsea community sees the next Frank Lampard in him. Although Mount occasionally has the ability to score when the team needs it, his favorite position is midfield, where he creates balls for his teammates to attack.

As there is yet more to come in their careers, it would be unfair to judge them at this early stage. I’m confident that these two players will excel and represent England with pride as a team.

However, Phil Foden is the winner based on the Mason Mount and Phil Foden stats presented above. Do you agree with that? Let’s comment below. Besides, don’t forget to update the latest sporting difference with us!

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