messi vs lewandovski comparison

Lewandowski vs Messi – Who Is Better?

Lewandowski vs MessiIn the game of football, titanic rivalries fuel passionate debates. In this context, our journey today takes us through a compelling contest: Messi vs Lewandowski. This comparison presents an opportunity to delve into the phenomenal careers of two of football’s modern icons, Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski.

Comparison chart between Lewandowski and Messi

messi vs lewandovski comparison

As two of the world’s most prodigious goal scorers, Messi and Lewandowski have racked up mind-boggling statistics that highlight their offensive prowess. Lewandowski and Messi both play well in the striker position on the pitch. Messi excels in the number of assists ever, but Lewandowski is also admired for the number of goals. 

Below is a comparison chart between these two stars:

Robert Lewandowski Lionel Messi
Full nameRobert LewandowskiLionel Andrés Messi
NicknameRobert Lewandowski “Lewy” “Lewa”Lionel “Leo” Messi. M10
Date of birth21 August 1988 (age 33)24 June 1987 (Age 32)
Place of birthWarsaw, PolandRosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
Height in centimeters185169
National teamPolandArgentina
Current teamBarcelonaParis-Saint Germain (PSG)
Playing positionForwardForward
Senior careerDelta Warszawa, Legia II Warszawa Znicz Pruszków, Lech Poznań, Borussia Dortmund, Bayern MonachiumFC Barcelona, Paris-Saint Germain
Net Worth$600 million$85 million

 Lewandowski vs Messi goals


Messi vs Lewandowski is a balanced comparison between two outstanding strikers emerging from the moment in the 2021 Ballon d’Or race. In terms of the final result, the Argentinian player received 12 more votes than Lewandowski journalists worldwide. To further clarify this worthiness, let’s take a look at their goals from goals international to goal club. When considering Lewandowski vs Messi goals, it is clear that both players have a remarkable ability to find the back of the net.

Goals international comparison

Goals international comparison

During his journey in the international team, Messi with a scoring efficiency of 0.5 according to statistics brought his team 80 goals out of 158 appearances. Honestly, this is an impressive record of goal-scoring and assists that need professional maintenance. But he is still comprehensive in both finishing and passing the ball.

Typically at this time, the name of the Argentine player is popular with the title “king of the goals” when he made 5 goals in the match with Estonia.

Put on the comparison scale, Lewandowski also had breakthroughs in his international team career from 2007 to date period. The striker became the best scorer in contemporary world football when playing for the national team.

Up to now, Lewy contributed 76 goals and scored a hat-trick in a match with Armenia. Moreover, this event took his tally to 50 goals for Poland, usurping Włodzimierz Lubański to become the all-time top scorer for Poland.

Lewandowski vs Messi Goal Club comparison

Goal Club comparison

Besides, Lewandowski and Messi’s excellent achievements in the national team. Both players have their style of play, but in terms of goals, they will be at a certain level but excellent compared to the players on the club.

First of all, Leo has racked up impressive goals across 1,100 appearances in every game. For the clubs, the star has contributed: 672 goals for FC Barcelona, and 13 goals for PSG. As expected, fans call him the best goal-scorer of all time. According to estimates, the average player needs to score 50 goals with 22 assists in 22 consecutive seasons to establish a record like him.

Another performance, Lewandowski vs Messi is a sharp comparison in the forward position. Unlike the Argentinian legend, the current Barcelona player has fought enthusiastically at clubs such as Delta Warszawa, Legia II Warszawa Znicz Pruszków, Lech Poznań, Borussia Dortmund, and Bayern Monachium.

At every stage, the star of Poland showed his ability to score. With 755 appearances in club matches, he scored 551 goals. Typically most recently, he did very well and scored 49 goals at Bayern Munich and more.

Lewandowski vs Messi trophies and salary

Lewandowski vs Messi trophies and salary

Lewandowski vs Messi’s achievements each have their highlights. To compare this, perhaps Messi is a player with a more admirable record than Lewandowski at this point. The prestigious awards are in the collection of titles of the striker born in 1987 such as Best Player of the Year (10), Golden Ball (7), Second Highest Soccer (5), Champion League (4), and more. The above titles are enough to show that Messi’s reputation is somewhat more famous.

On Lewandowski’s side, this striker also has several significant titles coming up such as Top scorer of the Polish First Division with a record number of goals in the period (2007-2008 and 2009-2010); The player with the most goals in the German football championship;…

In another respect, in terms of net worth, Lewy is much less than Messi’s $600 million. As known, 41 million USD is a huge number to dream of the salaries of players in the world. The person who owns this number is none other than Leo. And Lewandowski is also equally high, 23 million EUR. They are the scoring geniuses of famous teams.

Lewandowski vs Messi skills

lewandovski vs messi skills

In terms of skill, Messi and Lewandowski both have their advantages. Coming to speed, striker M10 is appreciated for his accuracy compared to the “strikers” of the same time. Furthermore, Messi’s free kicks are approximately 95 km/h, which is 26.4 m/s.

In another object of top speed, the Dutch striker is famous for his stable form and “destructive” speed in the matches he participates in. For example, the achievement that made him leave a mark in the hearts of fans is scoring five goals in nine minutes in the Bundesliga while at Bayern Munich clubs.

Impressively, in 2021, Lewandowski vs Leo joins the list of bright candidates for the Ballon d’Or title. Because “Who is better at that time” is the wonder of fans. For ages, Messi has always been impressed with his top-notch control skills and ability to quickly turn situations. During that reunion, Lewa dominated by 13 goals in 7 matches.

Comparison with Cristiano Ronaldo

The Messi vs Lewandowski debate gains further complexity when considering Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi and Ronaldo have had a long-standing rivalry, pushing each other to greater heights. Lewandowski, with his consistent goal scoring record, is frequently compared to these two giants of the game, further adding to his reputation.

Conclusion – Messi vs Lewandowski, Who Is Better?

When it comes to deciding Messi vs Lewandowski, who is better, the answer is subjective. With Messi’s creative brilliance, dribbling skills, and incredible goal-scoring record, he often has the upper hand in these comparisons. However, Lewandowski’s predatory instincts in front of goal, impressive physical attributes, and outstanding consistency make him an equally valuable asset.

Whose style do you enjoy more – Messi’s magical dribbling or Lewandowski’s ruthless finishing? Who would you choose in a high-stakes Champions League final or a World Cup game? In addition, you can also see the comparison between “Suarez vs Lewandowski“. If you love these two soccer stars and want to know more about other players, follow us at Sporting difference.

At SimilarSport, we invite you to delve deeper into the riveting world of football. Join us to relive their greatest moments, pore over the stats, and immerse yourself in expert analysis to determine who, in the Messi vs Lewandowski debate, stands out for you.

As they continue to excel and redefine the boundaries of the beautiful game, the verdict remains open. After all, football is a sport that eternally cherishes the discussion of greatness and the joy of witnessing it.

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