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Kante vs Pogba: Who Is the Better Player? (2022 Review)

Kante vs Pogba: When it comes to club football, the great midfield duo that won the world cup together with our competitors. Even though they have played completely different roles, it is fair to conclude that even if one actor’s stardom came relatively later than the other’s, they both now share certain similarities. Despite having quite dissimilar lifestyles, the two sportsmen are spiritual brothers and have a strong affinity.

Despite the fact that these two players have extremely distinct responsibilities on their squad, we will nevertheless attempt to compare Kante vs Pogba stats in different aspects.

pogba vs kante

Comparison Chart of Kante vs Pogba

Full nameN’Golo KantéPaul Labile Pogba
Date of birth29 March 199115 March 1993
Place of birthParis, FranceLagny-sur-Marne, France
Height1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)
Position(s)Central midfielderMidfielder
Current teamChelseaJuventus

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Pogba vs Kante goals


Pogba is accustomed to taking long, powerful shots whenever he gets the chance, and the position he plays in allows him to get more shots on goal. In his career, he has produced some exquisite goals from both inside and outside the box.

Pogba vs Kante goals

It is evident that Pogba outperforms the Chelsea midfielder in terms of G/A for his team in terms of stats. Kante, though, represents Chelsea as a defensive midfielder and only scores when he enters the penalty area. Since he is a master of his position, it would be better for the team if he focused on defending rather than attacking because the function he plays is very important for defense.

To compare them in this category would be unjust, but right now Paul is superior to Ngolo.

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Kante vs Pogba trophies

Who has won more major titles? Let’s see more.


The FA Cup, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup are among the titles he has won while playing for Chelsea.

Also, the Chelsea midfielder has obtained numerous awards for himself, including the UEFA Men’s Midfielder of the Year, the PFA Players’ Player of the Year, the FWA Footballer of the Year, the Premier League Player of the Season, and two Trophées UNFP for Best French Player Abroad.

Kante vs Pogba trophies

2016 saw this football star make his senior international debut for France, and he was a member of the group that placed second in the European Championship. He won the French Player of the Year award in 2017, the first time a Premier League player had done so in seven years. A year later, he was an important member of the team that won the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


He joined Juventus in Italy in 2012 on a free transfer and helped the team win 4 consecutive Serie A titles, two Coppa Italia titles, and two Supercoppa Italiana trophies. Pogba solidified his position as one of the most promising young players in the world during his time in Italy, where he also won the Golden Boy Award in 2013 and the Bravo Award in 2014. 

After guiding Juventus to their first UEFA Champions League Final in 12 years in 2015, he was nominated to the 2015 UEFA Team of the Year and the 2015 FIFA FIFPro World XI in 2016.


Internationally, the Juventus player led France to victory at the 2013 FIFA U-20 World Cup, winning the tournament’s Best Player award for his efforts. He earned his senior team debut the following year after shining in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, where he was honored with the Best Young Player Award for his services.

Later, he represented his country at the UEFA Euro 2016 on home soil, where he came in second, and went on to win the 2018 FIFA World Cup by scoring in the championship game.

Paul Pogba vs Kante skills

Pogba can play in more places and is more versatile. He establishes the game and is attack-oriented. He can also play a box-to-box role as a deep-lying playmaker and plays the left flank for United.

The Chelsea player is renowned for his intensity and talent for winning the ball. He plays a crucial box-to-box role as the engine. He is a monster on defense.

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Sum up: Who Is the Better Player?

These two players’ positions are too different from one another for a fair comparison to be made. For players like Kante, making the most interceptions and clearing the ball are important contributions, whereas receiving more assists is important for players like Paul Pogba. Both of them are deadly in their respective roles and are aware of the game’s dynamics.

Who Is the Better Player?

In certain categories, the Chelsea midfielder is superior because he has put in a lot of effort to get where he is. And his Premier League career has been nothing short of a fairy tale. If we must choose a winner between these two, Kante deserves it more because of his contributions not just at the international level but also at the club level. 

People can plainly observe Kante’s contributions on the field and are aware of how important he is to Chelsea. The Juventus player, who is still younger, has the opportunity to surpass his counterpart in other major league teams.

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