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Top 10 Hardest Positions in Sports You Might Not Know

Which is the hardest position in sports? There are a large number of positions in sports that require natural talent and abilities from players. However, there is some special position which is tough for the players not only physical but also mental health. Check out the 10 hardest positions in sports in this post below.

What are the hardest positions in sports?

According to similarsports.net statistics, the most difficult positions are Goalkeeper, Central Midfielder in Football; Linebacker, Quarterback, and Cornerback in American Football; Catcher, Point Guard, and Pitcher in Baseball…

Goalkeeper – Football – The hardest position in sports

On the amateur level, the worst player on football teams will be handed the gloves and sent to defend the goal. Nevertheless, the goalkeeper at a professional level is difficult to master. And there are a few famous goalkeepers around the world that viewers remember the names of.

In modern football, a goalkeeper is not only need to defend their goal but also the start of a team attack. Modern football goalkeepers require players to have tall, explosive, and strong fitness. If you do not meet the requirement, you will never become a goalkeeper.

During the match, goalkeepers are on their own, they cannot rely on their teammates. When the players make a mistake it often results in a goal. Especially, a small mistake from the GK can lead a team to lose the match.

Goalkeeper - The hardest position in Football


Central Midfielder – Football

Central midfielders are another hardest position in football. In a 90 minutes football match, a CM needs to organize how the teams will play in order to get the highest score. This position may be the most physically demanding position on the pitch.

Players will have to run the most in the match compared to other positions. If you do not have good physical requirements and leadership abilities, this position is not the right spot for you.

Central Midfielder - Football

Linebacker – American Football

In American Football, the linebacker position is a significant position for a football team. In a starting lineup squad of an American football team, there are 2 – 4 linebackers. Their main duty is to stop the short pass or the offensive from the opponent striker.

This is the toughest position to play in American football. During the match, either you are being blocked by a man who is made out of muscle or being cut off by a short running back at your knees. To play as a linebacker, players are not only required to have strong fitness but also have the ability to have a good tactical mindset. Therefore, they can be able to defend their home team’s goal line with everything they had.

Linebacker - hardest positions in sports

Quarterback – American Football

In modern American football, the quarterback position is usually the leader of the offensive lineup squad. The success or failure of the teams depends on the quarterback position. In an American football game, a quarterback must organize the team’s formation in order to win the match.

Besides the benefit of the positions, there are also a large number of threats for the quarterback which made this the toughest position in sports. It takes unbelievable nerve to be able to stand in a few feet of space, knowing that at any second you could be hit by a 300-pound linebacker.

Quarterback - American Football

Catcher – Baseball

The catcher is the most physical requirement in baseball. Although heavily padded, the catchers regularly suffer some of the worst physical abuse in baseball. The catcher is always facing the physically risky job of blocking the plate to prevent the base runner from going home and scoring.

Catchers are also constantly bruised and beaten by pitches, and sometimes bats during an undisciplined follow-up of the batter’s swing.

Catcher - Baseball

Point Guard – Basketball

Point guard is one of the toughest positions in basketball. It is often called the quarterback of basketball because the players need to memorize every detail about the team’s formation and tactical such as how many timeouts, what plays an exact position, and what the score is. This will take a huge amount of brain power to analyze in this position.

If players only have good fitness in basketball, they will not meet the requirement of a point guard position. When you see a good point guard, the first thing you will notice is that they are smaller but faster than everyone else on the court. They are smaller and able to dribble faster and are quicker, so they can set up plays faster.

Point Guard - Basketball

Pitcher – Baseball 

Pitcher in baseball is also one of the hardest sports positions. In this position, players had to throw the ball to start the match with the highest speed possible. From the starting position, the human shoulder needs to rotate at 7.000 degrees per second in order to throw the ball.

According to several physical research, if your body was accelerated at the maximum speed for over 60 seconds, you would die. When a pitcher throws the ball at a high speed, their arm is basically defying the laws of physics, which could lead to severe damage to the body.

Pitcher - Baseball 

Cornerback – American Football 

Cornerback is the hardest sports position in American football. And it is also the hardest position in sports in general. In American football, the cornerbacks are the smallest players on the field. However, they are typically the most athletic in the game.

In order to become cornerbacks, players need to be tough, no matter their size. They must face an opponent who might outweigh them for about 100 pounds or even more. Players are expected to tackle larger running in the open field. 

Cornerback - American Football 

All positions in water polo

All 7 position in water polo is also the hardest position in sports. Water polo players require to be professional swimmers when playing in a deep pool which will limit their abilities from standing. They also need to have great teamwork to catch and shoot the ball. Besides, you may not be able to see it, there are a lot of physical contacts that happen both above and below the water.

All positions in water polo

Center – Basketball 

The last of the top 10 hardest positions in sports is the Center of Basketball. Some people think that basketball is not an ordinary physical game, but it is totally different from the center positions. Players require height, weight, and great physical strength in order to be successful in this position. Centers in basketball need to take a huge amount of physical contact with enemy defenders.

They also have to be able to run up and down the court during the match, which makes this position the hardest one in sport. It will be a significant problem for the modern basketball team without a big center.

Center - Basketball - hardest positions in sports

Here are the top 10 hardest positions in professional sports which you might not know about. This position requires players to have a special ability to be able to play. To find out more about the sports which you are into, follow sporting difference for more information.

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