Graham Potter has the WORST record of any Chelsea manager

Since he took over, The Blues have rarely tasted victory. And it seems they will remain in this darkness for a long time based on their current performances.

After a recent defeat to the bottom-of-the-table team Southampton, Potter is under enormous pressure from both the professional community and the fans of the team.

There have been many doubts raised about Potter’s actual professional ability because his past record with the mid-table English Premier League team, Brighton & Hove Albion, was quite impressive.

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However, things quickly turned for the worse when he officially took over Chelsea under Chairman Todd Boehly.

Statistics also show that Graham Potter is the worst-performing coach for The Blues since the inception of the Premier League. After 17 matches of Chelsea on all fronts under his leadership, the London-based club has only won 5 games, lost 6, and drawn the remaining matches. Chelsea’s winning percentage under Potter is the lowest at a mere 29.4%.


Compared to short-term coaches such as Benitez, Scolari, and Andre-Villas Boas, the current Chelsea coach still holds the bottom position.

Nineteen coaches (including Potter) have led Chelsea in the Premier League era, and Avram Grant had the highest winning percentage at 68.8%. This is clearly a significant distance from Potter’s current performance.

Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti are also the most successful managers in Chelsea’s history. They are one of the highest paid coaches in sports in the world today.

With a massive amount of £326 million that Chairman Todd Boehly spent in the winter transfer window, it is not surprising that there are high expectations for The Blues for the rest of the season.

However, the lack of spirit and weaknesses in the playing style of the main squad players have made the job of the former Brighton manager at the new club much more difficult.

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If the situation cannot be improved soon, it will truly be a complete failure year for The Blues’ management. As for Graham Potter, Chairman Todd Boehly has said that he will not fire him despite the team’s poor performance. However, if things cannot be improved, it would not be surprising for the current Chelsea manager to lose his job.

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