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De Bruyne vs Ozil: All Time Statistics – Who Is Better?

De Bruyne vs Ozil: Kevin De Bruyne is a genius with all the attributes a midfielder’s dream would be to have. He is aware of the ball’s landing location, trajectory, and time of arrival. He plays with confidence and is constantly aware of his next move. Is he now superior to Mesut Ozil as a result of everything?

Mesut Ozil is a fantastic athlete who shares all of Kevin’s traits. The level of productivity, vision, agility, and decision-making is unmatched. He did not play in many games recently, which had an impact on his form. In his prime, the player was unbeatable before things turned bad.

Is Prime Kevin Bruyne better than Prime Mesut Ozil? Check out De Bruyne and Mesut Ozil statistics in this post to find your answer.

Comparison Chart

Mesut OzilKevin De Bruyne
Date Of BirthOct 15, 1988Jun 28, 1991
Place Of BirthGelsenkirchen, GermanyDrongen
Height1.8 m1.81 m
Current Clubİstanbul Başakşehir F.K.Manchester City
Main PositionAttacking MidfieldAttacking Midfield
Best Market Value€50m€150m

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Ozil vs De Bruyne Personal Stats

If we compare Kevin and Ozil during their best years, they are both close in most of the statistics. While Kevin De Bruyne’s heyday might be assumed to have been the last five years, Mesut Ozil’s prime was from 2010 to 2013.


  • Ozil – 66 goals + assists (0.83)
  • Kevin De Bruyne – 92 goals + assists (0.75)

Without UEFA Champions League statistics, any player comparison is inadequate. Mesut Ozil managed to rank fifth among Real Madrid’s assist leaders despite Arsenal’s little Champions League exposure.



  • Mesut Ozil – 17 goals + assists (0.65)
  • Kevin De Bruyne – 17 goals + assists (0.61)

If we compare their overall De Bruyne and Mesut Özil stats after excluding their Prime stage, Kevin will come out on top because he has more goals than Ozil and is also younger.

All Time Stats

Mesut OzilKevin De Bruyne
Premier League18433581874479
Champions League691126541016
La Liga1051954

Prime Kevin loses to Mesut Ozil by a slim margin. While Kevin clearly prevails in this division if we compare their lifetime stats.

Prime Ozil vs Prime De Bruyne Titles

Since Kevin won numerous championships while playing for Manchester City, his trophy cabinet will be larger than Mesut Ozil’s. You can see that through Bruyne Premier League stats. The footballer has won about 15 championships, including 3 EPL championships and the FA Cup. Some English football experts think Kevin is the cause of Manchester City’s phenomenal success.

In 2013, Mesut Ozil agreed to join Arsenal FC. This club hasn’t had a lot of success in this decade. Despite being behind the Belgian, Ozil did manage to win a few titles during his stint at Arsenal. In his career, the player amassed 10 championships. He won the German Cup, English Super Cup, La Liga, Spanish Cup, and 4 FA Cups.


It is a significant accomplishment to win anything with a team like Arsenal. So perhaps that explains why he has won less hardware overall. Ozil’s story would have been different if he had remained at Real Madrid.

The winner in this category, based on the statistics above, is Kevin De Bruyne.

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International Career

While Kevin continues to be the leading man for Belgium, Mesut was the key guy for Germany. Both of the athletes have given a lot to their respective nations out of a strong sense of loyalty to them.

The Belgium team always seems dangerous, yet despite having Kevin, they have never been successful. Belgium struggles to win an international trophy despite its talent.

There are a lot of talented midfielders in Germany. Even being chosen for the National Team is a feat. Mesut Ozil has to put in a lot of effort to earn a spot on the team. The World Cup, the most prestigious championship in international football, was won by Germany in 2014.


Mesut made a significant contribution toward accomplishing this goal. For his efforts for the team in 2014, he was named Player Of The Year. Only Toni Kroos won it in 2014, but Ozil was the best performer in his nation in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2016.

Mesut Ozil is the winner in this area without a doubt. Few players can unseat Ozil’s POTY dominance in Germany due to his unparalleled international career.

De Bruyne vs Ozil Club

The player, who was born and reared in Germany, established a reputation there before relocating. Ozil joined Schalke 04 in 1999 after leaving the Westfalia 04 Gelsenkirchen Youth Academy. The young Ozil caught Werder Bremen’s attention, and they signed him.

The player was given a platform to exhibit his genuine self, and Real Madrid took notice. He came to Arsenal in 2013 after having considerable success with Real Madrid, becoming the most expensive German player ever at the time.


Kevin was discovered by KAA Gent Youth Academy, where he spent the majority of his early playing days. In 2012, Chelsea made the decision to sign him after 7 years. Moving to the Premier League for Kevin was a significant decision. The player was underwhelmed with Chelsea and was ultimately traded to Wolfsburg.

After relocating to Germany, he worked arduously on his game and was beginning to attract media notice. Many other teams were interested in Kevin when Manchester City made an offer for him. The athlete made the decision to join Man City, where he has resided since then.

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Final thought

The De Bruyne vs Ozil stats clearly shows that Kevin De Bruyne is a superior player in most areas. He is without a doubt the most gifted and creative midfielder in 2021. But would De Bruyne still be able to win all the titles he achieved with City if he joined Arsenal instead of Man City?

Because of Arsenal, Mesut Ozil’s career took a terrible turn. Otherwise, the outcome would have been different. Ozil is more refined and the technical maestro on a world-class club like Real Madrid who can bring out the brilliance of his colleagues.

When comparing these two players in their prime, Ozil has a slight advantage over De Bruyne in practically every area. Prime Ozil will prevail in a matchup between Prime De Bryune and Prime Ozil.

Ozil is less successful than Kevin based on objective facts based on their entire careers.

Your decision is up to you. Take either a superb Kevin De Bruyne or a prime Mesut Ozil. If you want more information about many comparisons between famous footballers in the world, follow us – Sporting difference.

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