De Bruyne voted best midfielder in Premier League

Kevin De Bruyne, a midfielder, tops the list of the 30 best midfielders in the history of the English Premier League, according to a poll conducted by Visual Game.

De Bruyne surpasses top names such as Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, and Paul Scholes to claim this position. He is one of only two current players who are ranked in the top 10, the other being Chelsea midfielder N’golo Kante (10th).

Over the past few seasons, Kevin De Bruyne has emerged as the best-attacking midfielder in the Premier League. He is also one of the best midfielders in the world. The evidence is that from the 2016/2017 season until now, the “maestro” of Man City has won 4 Premier League assists titles.

Moreover, the abilities of the Belgian player are not limited to assisting his teammates. It is well known that De Bruyne’s ability to score goals or score from long-range shots is no longer a surprise in the land of foggy Albion every weekend.


Gerrard finishes second, while Lampard takes third place in the poll. The remaining two spots in the top 5 belong to Scholes and recently sacked Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira.

De Bruyne has three teammates in the top 20, including Rodri (17th), Ilkay Gundogan (18th), and Bernardo Silva (20th). Manchester City, Manchester United, and Chelsea are the three clubs with the most former players featured in the top 30, with each team having eight players.

In addition to De Bruyne, the other four midfielders in the top 5, along with Roy Keane (8th), were recently inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame for their contributions to the history of the league.

In the match where Manchester City defeated Southampton 4-1 on April 8th, De Bruyne became the fastest player to reach 100 assists in the history of the Premier League. He surpassed the previous record held by former Arsenal and Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas.

De Bruyne achieved this feat in just 237 appearances, 56 games faster than Fabregas. Only five players have accomplished this milestone in the history of the league.

Fabregas also made it into the top 10 of the Visual Game poll, finishing in ninth place. Yaya Toure came in sixth, while David Silva ranked seventh. Both De Bruyne and David Silva are excellent midfielders of Manchester City.

De Bruyne’s talent has been recognized by both experts and fans alike. Former Liverpool player Jamie Redknapp called the Manchester City midfielder a “genius,” and both Thierry Henry and Jamie Carragher included De Bruyne in their Premier League best XI. Besides, Bruno Fernandes is also a notable midfielder of Man Utd. Let’s see the comparison between De Bruyne vs Bruno Fernandes in the next Premier League matches.

He has surpassed the previous record held by Cesc Fabregas to claim the top spot. In the history of the Premier League, only five players have reached the milestone of 100 assists.

This poll has certainly sparked controversy, but many users on Twitter have admitted that De Bruyne deserves to be at the top. One person responded to the poll saying, “Absolutely. De Bruyne is the greatest midfielder of all time.” Another person added, “Seems accurate. Everyone will acknowledge that.”

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