Top 5 Best Defensive Midfielders of Football (2022 Update)

Best defensive midfielders: Defensive midfielders are midfielders who concentrate on defending their team’s goal. S/he can man-mark particular opposition attackers or guard a zone in front of their team’s defense. The most effective defensive midfielders are always on guard and well-behaved. They are excellent communicators with unmatched endurance and tactical knowledge. Additionally, they are better at passing and can read the game.

Being a defense shield is one of a defensive midfielder’s responsibilities. The best defensive midfielders 2022 all over the world are listed below. They are chosen based on their recent performance statistics. Let’s check it out!

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Aurelien Tchouameni – Real Madrid

best defensive midfielders

After moving to Manchester United, Casemiro was immediately replaced by the next youthful prospect of Real Madrid. In a very short period of time, Tchouameni stunned the globe. He is now gaining the hearts of Madrid supporters and reassuring them that he is the player they can trust to replace Casemiro. Tchouameni and Camavinga are a brand-new young team that is eager to rule Madrid together.

Even though Aurelien Tchouameni is still relatively young to be on this list, his excellent performance has earned him a spot.

Ngolo Kante – Chelsea


The football player in question of the best young defensive midfielders of all time is this one. Kante has amassed all the significant victories in his career that a player could hope to achieve, and he significantly aided each of those victories.

Ngolo Kante’s life story is incredibly inspirational, which is also the cause of his modest and reserved demeanor. Kante’s performance has dipped a little in recent weeks, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s one of the top CDMs of this generation.

People won’t truly understand Kante until after he retires and his accomplishments are examined. Kante has an unmatched work ethic and stamina.

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Casemiro – Manchester United

The former Real Madrid hero is now Manchester United’s new wall in the Premier League. Although it is still very early, he has yet to make an impression in Manchester, we are very certain that he won’t have any trouble doing so. He is also one of the best-holding midfielders in the world.


Casemiro made a significant contribution to Real Madrid’s most recent Champions League victory, which most of us missed as usual. He has led Real Madrid’s defense ever since Sergio Ramos left for PSG, and he handled the role admirably. When he was playing for Real Madrid, Casemiro deserved more praise; perhaps now that he is playing in the Premier League, he will receive it.

Rodri – Manchester City

Rodri’s transition to Manchester City was quite slow because it took him some time to settle in and adjust to the group. After a few poor performances, people questioned why Pep was giving this player a chance.

When Rodri transferred to the Premier League from Atletico Madrid in 2019, he also became the most expensive defensive midfielder in the world. He excels at attacking when given the chance, passing the ball well, and playing defense.


Even though they didn’t have a striker last season, the squad nevertheless managed to win the Premier League. It all came about as a result of the contributions of players in midfield like him and Kevin De Bruyne, who was also a threat to the opponent since they were constantly looking for opportunities to attack.

Joshua Kimmich – FC Bayern Munich

Of all players of this age, Kimmich is the most adaptable, so he is one of the best defensive midfielders in the world. He is capable of playing as a center midfielder, a right or left fullback, or even an offensive winger on the wings. There is no competition for Bayern Munich in Germany because of their extraordinary talent and strength as a squad. 


He has been in competition with Kante for the previous few years, but regrettably, Kante has surprised us all better. We can confidently declare that Kimmich is the best defensive midfielder of 2022 now that Kante’s performance has slightly dipped.

Kimmich has flair and skills that enable him to get through the defense and make wonderful passes throughout the game. Kimmich is without a doubt the legitimate successor to club legend Philip Lahm, according to every Bayern supporter. Compared to Kante, he is still young, thus he will continue to easily dominate this position.

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Final thought

The hardest position to play is central defensive midfielder since they have to fill the tasks of both an attacker and a defender in midfield. The worst aspect is that the strikers get to keep all the rewards while the majority of their labor goes largely unappreciated. A defensive midfielder’s (CDM) preferred style of play has significantly evolved in the modern game. 

The player used to be a great CDM simply by virtue of his excellent defensive abilities. However, in order to help the club both defensively and offensively, he must now work more. Kante is the perfect example of a defensive midfielder and does that better than anyone. He is well-known as one of the best defensive midfielders of all time.

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