Benzema vs Aguero – Compare career stats and trophies (2022 Update)

Benzema vs Aguero: Both two outstanding strikers that have excelled in their league. And some already rank them as some of this generation’s greatest. Unfortunately, Sergio Aguero’s forced retirement prevented us from witnessing their final rivalry in Spain.

But who is a better player? Check out Benzema vs Aguero stats in this post to find your answer. 

Comparison Chart

Karim BenzemaSergio Aguero
Date Of BirthDec 19, 1987June 2, 1988
Place Of BirthLyonBuenos Aires
Height1,84 m1,73 m
Current ClubReal MadridRetire
Main PositionCentre-ForwardCentre-Forward
Other PositionLeft Winger, Right WingerSecond Striker
Market Value€60m€80m
CitizenshipFrance AlgeriaArgentina Spain

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Personal Stats

It is well known that Kun Aguero can score from awkward angles, making it nearly hard for other strikers to consider it. So what team does Aguero play for? He has demonstrated his goal-scoring prowess throughout his lengthy career with Manchester City. Kun is the fourth-highest scorer in Premier League history and the top scorer in Manchester City history. That alone explains how talented he was at his best.


On the other hand, four-time Champions League champion King Karim has made a significant contribution to Real Madrid as well. He is Real Madrid’s fourth-highest scorer of all time and the striker with the most assists in the club’s history.

So how many Karim Benzema goals this season? Across all competitions for Madrid in 2021-22, he registered 44 goals and 15 assists in 46 appearances. 

Our Man City star has scored more goals than Benzema despite playing 90 fewer games. Excellent statistics for a player who faced up against the greatest during the Premier League’s golden age. 

Benzema vs Aguero Trophies

Aguero is an expert at winning championships. One of the main factors contributing to Manchester City’s tremendous success in the Premier League is Sergio Aguero. He has the record for being the best striker in Premier League history as well. In all, the footballer won 17 awards throughout his career, including 5 Premier League championships. Achieving even one English championship is impressive, yet Kun has five to his name.

Compared to Kun Aguero, the Real Madrid striker has more titles. In his career, he won 28 titles for clubs. Benzema won 4 Champions League championships, 2 La Liga, 4 Ligue 1, and 4 CWC, and numerous additional trophies were won by the player. To any player, that is a lot of titles.

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Compare International Career

What is the special thing in Karim Benzema career stats? King Karim was expelled from the French national team for his role in a scandal. He received this severe punishment despite being their player of the season three times. He was an important member, but regrettably, he was unable to represent his country until 2021. 

Benzema won the UEFA Nations League in a matter of months, rekindling the French people’s love for him. He was the team’s offensive catalyst when he was younger, helping France win the Euro U-17 tournament. His game time may, however, once more be impacted by controversies in 2022, according to some rumors.


Besides, Aguero has put in a lot of effort to defend his nation. The culmination of all the work was their victory at the 2020 Copa America. In his youth, he also brought home an Olympic medal for Argentina.

Comparing these two on their international performances is unfair because Benzema did not get to represent his nation for most of his career. As it stands, Kun Aguero triumphs in this division.

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Benzema vs Aguero Individual Titles

Players that make it simple for their teams to win are frequently rewarded for their efforts. Both Benzema and Kun Aguero have won a good number of championships in their respective sports. These two have received numerous awards since they consistently rank among the best three strikers in the last ten years.

Some Karim Benzema trophies

  • Bravo Award: 2008
  • Étoile d’Or: 2007-08
  • UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season: 2020-21
  • UEFA Champions League top assist provider: 2011-12
  • French Player of the Year: 2011, 2012, 2014, 2021
  • UEFA La Liga Team of the Season: 2019-20
  • MARCA’s Best Player in 2019-20
  • ESM Team of the Year: 2020-21
  • UEFA European Championship Bronze Boot: 2020
  • UEFA Nations League Finals Bronze Boot: 2021
  • UEFA Nations League Finals Goal of the Tournaments: 2021

Some Sergio Aguero trophies

  • World Soccer Young Player of the Year: 2009
  • Premier League Golden Boot: 2014-15
  • Don Balón Award: 2007-08
  • FSF Player of the Year: 2014
  • Manchester City Player of the Year: 2011-12, 2014-15
  • PFA Team of the Year: 2017-18, 2018-19 Premier League
  • South American Team of the Year: 2005
  • IFFHS CONMEBOL team of the decade 2011-2020


While Benzema has received numerous trophies for being the finest French player, Aguero has won the renowned Golden Boy award. Although they appear to be close in this category, Benzema beat Kun Aguero in terms of numbers.

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Conclusion: Benzema vs Aguero – Who is better?

These two strikers are experts in their respective positions. Kun Aguero is adept at dribbling and racing down the wings. However, King Karim prefers to score by using both his head and his poaching abilities. Kun is quick and uses his quickness to get past opponents, whilst King Karim uses stepovers and la croquetas.

One has abilities that the other lacks. If we combine the qualities of these two players, the result would shatter all records for goals scored. 

Hope that with these Aguero and Karim Benzema stats, you have had your answer to the question “Sergio Aguero or Karim Benzema: who is better?” If you like speed and skills then Aguero is your player. However, if you like intelligence and strength then Benzema is your player. Your decision is yours.

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