Arsenal has the highest fines in the Premier League

Not only are they currently leading the Premier League table, but Arsenal players are also “unrivaled” in a category that needs to be eliminated. The Sun has released a statistical list of the clubs that have received the most fines in the Premier League this season, with Arsenal at the top.

Premier League and EFL clubs have had to pay staggering amounts in fines. Specifically, they have spent over £1.3 million to pay fines for abusive and violent behavior. These violations are largely due to the overreaction of players or team managers towards referees during matches.

According to the number of fines that Premier League clubs have received, Arsenal is even leading the list of those “booked” with the highest fees of nearly £200,000. Manager Mikel Arteta is often criticized for his inability to control his players well.


However, it should also be noted in the opposite direction that the Gunners are among the top contenders for the championship this season. Therefore, their overreactions to referee decisions are understandable.

Arsenal had to pay a total of £185,000 in fines, while Manchester United came in second with £137,000, and Everton also lost up to £115,000 due to overreacting to referee decisions. 15 teams in the Premier League this season have been fined by the FA.

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Manchester City is the team that has been fined the most money up to this point. They were fined £75,000 for exerting pressure on the referee in their 3-1 victory over Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.

If only the Premier League teams are counted, the FA has collected more than £900,000 in fines. And if the amount of fines they have collected in the Championship is also taken into account, the number is £1,279,375. The amount of fines is likely to increase because there is still about one-third of the season left.

In addition to the 15 teams in the Premier League, 15 teams in the Championship, 13 teams in League One, and 12 teams in League Two have all been fined by the FA for overreacting this season.

In addition, Fulham is currently the most talked-about name. In the 1-3 defeat against Manchester United in the FA Cup quarter-finals, the London-based team received three red cards. Willian received a straight red card for handball in the penalty area, while manager Marco Silva and forward Aleksandar Mitrovic received red cards for their reactions.


The English Football Association (FA) is investigating and could impose additional sanctions on Fulham, with Manager Silva and Aleksandar Mitrovic facing suspensions or fines. The Fulham striker is sure to face a heavy penalty from the English Football Association for this mistake.

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Another reason why players do not hesitate to “take the penalty” is the relatively high average weekly salary in the Premier League. A promising young player can earn between £50,000-£80,000 per week. Therefore, the fines imposed by the English Football Association may not be much of a deterrent, ranging from £15,000-£30,000 per violation.

However, FA spokespersons also stated: “Referees and match officials play a crucial role in our sport. Any inappropriate behavior towards them is entirely unacceptable. Players, managers, support staff, and club officials have a responsibility to treat them with respect. We will take appropriate disciplinary action against anyone who exhibits behavior that goes against this standard.”

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