Antony or Young Cristiano Ronaldo? Is He the Next CR7 at Man U?

Young Cristiano Ronaldo: Antony Dos Santos, an Ajax winger, joined Man United as their new striker, reuniting with Erik Ten Hag, his former manager, and Lisandro Martinez, a former buddy. At 22 years old, the Brazilian is currently too young to be compared to Cristiano. To compare them and determine whether the assertions are true or false, check out these Antony Dos Santos stats and CR7 young stats.

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Antony or Young Cristiano Ronaldo?

Comparison Chart

Antony Dos SantosCristiano Ronaldo
Date Of BirthFeb 24, 2000Feb 5, 1985
Place Of BirthSão PauloFunchal
Height1,72 m1,87 m
Main PositionRight WingerCentre-Forward
Highest Market Value€75m€120m

The Ajax striker is heading to a team that hasn’t had much success, but this signing could be the transformation they’ve been hoping for all along. Manchester United would have to spend close to €75 million to sign him, which is a lot for a 22-year-old. 


Antony is a true baller who enjoys performing all kinds of abilities and feats on the field. Old Trafford experienced this many years ago when they recruited Cristiano young at the age of 18. The kind of talent Antony possesses justifies the price United is willing to pay. Because they hope that he can be the young Cristiano Ronaldo.

Even if Cristiano and Manchester United haven’t had a great deal of success lately, it hasn’t had any impact on CR7’s standing in Manchester.

Ronaldo plays a significant role in the Sir Alex victory and glory songs that are still frequently sung by United supporters all over the world.

Every time a new player succeeds in the world of football, he is immediately compared to Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi, and occasionally both. Some football analysts believe Antony is superior, while others disagree.

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Player Stats

Any new player who wishes to stand out from other young players must have the best stats. Both Antony and Cristiano are incredibly talented in this scenario. They may not have the most goals or assists, but they are a crucial component of the team’s success.

Ajax – Antony 2021/22 Stats vs Manchester United – Cristiano 2006/07 Stats:

Cristiano RonaldoAntony

There is a noticeable difference between these two players at the same age. In terms of both goals and assists, Ronaldo when he was young is miles ahead of Antony. Antony’s success in the Champions League was a major factor in why he received such widespread notice from the rest of the globe. However, it appears that CR7 outperformed him at the time in the Champions League. So, there is no competition for personal stats.

Titles Won

The Brazilian winger left Ajax, a group that was led by Ten Hag to two straight league titles. Along with winning the Dutch Cup, these two titles represent Antony’s biggest accomplishments. 

Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, achieved some of the greatest victories at the age of 22. By 2007, CR7 had already won the English Super Cup, Portuguese Super Cup, FA Cup, and Premier League. For Manchester United supporters, it was a fantastic period, making it the ideal memory with which to honor them today.


Although the €75 million wingers may be good, given his current accomplishments, he is nowhere near Cristiano. However, he can be young Cristiano Ronaldo.

In every category, Cristiano and Antony cannot be compared because the Portuguese are far more gifted and advanced than he is. We all wish we could see CR7 again because he was a whole different species. However, Antony is not that player. Antony may be competent at the age of 22, but Ronaldo was the best.

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Conclusion: Can Antony be Cristiano Ronaldo younger?

Yes, with the correct guidance and a strong staff, the player has the ability to achieve great heights. He can be Cristiano Ronaldo young. Ten Hag is a wise man who understands how to bring out the best in Antony. This is the major reason United was so eager to purchase him. 

United must have faith in the manager and permit him to make the adjustments he wants if they want their golden era to return. It’s possible that signing Antony to play for Ten Hag was Manchester United’s greatest recent decision.

Hope that with this article, you will have more information about 2 excellent Man Utd players. I think Antony can be young Cristiano Ronaldo. What about you? If you want to find more comparisons between other football players, follow us – Sporting difference.

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